Sophie Pembroke: My Inspiration Behind Vegas Wedding to Forever

Sophie Pembroke: My Inspiration Behind Vegas Wedding to Forever

True Love author Sophie Pembroke talks to us about her brand new trilogy, The Heirs of Wishcliffe.


Starting a new trilogy is always part exciting, part scary. Exciting, because I have three linked romances to dream up, and I can tell a larger story over the course of them. But scary too, because if I get the first one wrong… well. It’s all downhill from there.

But when it came to writing Vegas Wedding to Forever, the first book in my The Heirs of Wishcliffe series, excitement was definitely outweighing the fear. I couldn’t wait to get started!

I think one reason for that was that I’d been wanting to write a ‘waking up married in Vegas’ story ever since I read Ellie Darkins’ fabulous romance, Falling for the Rebel Princess. I just love the idea of starting at what should be the happy ever after moment, and making my characters figure out their whole romance backwards.

For Vegas Wedding to Forever, I added the twist of my American heroine, Autumn, waking up to discover she’d married a member of the British aristocracy – and that he wanted her to go home to his ancestral estate and pretend to be madly in love with him!

Figuring out who the characters of Autumn and Toby were at their core – why they would get drunkenly married on a whim, and why they’d both choose to carry on the charade, was the trickiest part, but also the most satisfying. Because it was those things about them both that made them perfect for each other – and also what made it hard for them each to see and believe that, until the end. As always with one of my romances, these two had a lot of growing and learning to do before they were ready for true love.

Once they were back at Wishcliffe – the seaside estate where Toby grew up – I had lots of fun writing about the British seasonal traditions of the last quarter of the year, throwing Autumn into an unfamiliar world of fire festivals, homemade cider and stately homes. Autumn is my favourite time of year, so indulging in all things pumpkin spice in January, when I was writing it, was an added incentive.

I also got to introduce some of the characters who will star in the other two romances in the trilogy… I love sprinkling tiny hints about what might happen in future books, and seeing whether readers pick up on them! If they do, I hope it gives them something to look forward to. And if they don’t, then there’s a fun surprise waiting for them in the next book!

Most of all, though, I wanted this book to be a story about two people trying to find their place in the world. A home they could truly feel they belonged to – and a person they could belong with. A partner who would have faith in them, help them grow, support them, and encourage them to be the best version of themselves – and for whom they could do the same in return.

After all, isn’t that what romance is all about?


Vegas Wedding to Forever by Sophie Pembroke

n this The Heirs of Wishcliffe story, free-spirited Autumn has never planned on waking up married in Vegas! When memories of the night before with her new husband Toby flood back, she realises she’s in quite the situation…especially as he needs her help in keeping up the façade temporarily. Yet their chemistry is anything but fake!

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