Nina Singh on Why New Orleans is the PERFECT Romance Setting

Nina Singh on Why New Orleans is the PERFECT Romance Setting

In her latest book, True Love author Nina Singh whisks us away to New Orleans where we can almost taste the delicious food and the atmospheric buzz that the city has to offer.

In today’s blog, she tells us why it was the PERFECT setting for Around the World with the Millionaire.


New Orleans is one of the most memorable cities I’ve ever had the pleasure to visit. My first time there, I remember thinking how culturally rich it seemed. The various influences that made the city the magical place that it is struck me like no other city had. The music, the friendly residents, the glorious Mississippi all left a lasting impression. Not to mention the delicious food! My mouth waters when I recall the taste of my first beignet or any of the signature seafood dishes.

There was something else about the city. Something I couldn’t quite put my finger on, a mysticism that I’d be hard pressed to describe. Then on one of my outings, I visited a quaint little gift shop. The store was unlike any other I’d been to. The shelves held everything from tarot cards, to costumes, to coffee and candy and various other delicacies.

But I’d been wandering aimlessly until I’d found the shop, simply exploring the city. I quickly realized I’d lost track of where I was. I admitted to the proprietor that I was a little lost and not quite sure how to get back to my lodgings. I would have to call up one of those annoying map apps to return. She told me not to bother with any sort of app, that NOLA has an energy about it, and I should follow that energy to get my bearings. She assured me it wouldn’t let me down. That was one of the many experiences that led me to decide I had to set a book there. The city has an energy, all right. So do the people who call it home.

My hope was to capture that magical energy on the pages of Around the World with the Millionaire, featuring a heroine who is a true daughter of New Orleans.

As dynamic and spirited as the city itself.

Nina x


Around the World with the Millionaire by Nina Singh

When a necklace belonging to attorney Zeke’s client accidentally lands in free-spirited Vivi’s hands, he’s forced to track it down. Except it isn’t that simple… They must both travel the world to prove Vivi’s innocence! At first, Zeke was counting down the days to their goodbye—now, why is goodbye the last word he wants to say?

Read now in eBook or in paperback which also features Greek heir to Claim Her Heart by Jennifer Faye.