International Women’s Day 2022: 12 unforgettable female characters

International Women’s Day 2022: 12 unforgettable female characters

This International Women’s Day, we’re taking a moment to show our appreciation to the fictional characters who embody female strength and empowerment.

We’re joined by our authors who share their dedications to some incredible heroines.


Liz Fielding:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Offred, the heroine of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale, who represents the strength and bravery in face of adversity shown by women all over the world, who face daily difficulties in their lives with extraordinary courage.


Susan Meier:

The character from one of my books whom I believe is most deserving of recognition on International Women’s Day is Charlotte Fillion from The Bodyguard and the Heiress. She’s inherited billions of dollars but she’s a vice president in a development company.  She doesn’t think money should change that. She believes everybody needs to take their rightful place in the world, do what they are good at and take personal responsibility. Great words to live by.


Susan Carlisle:

I would like to dedicate this day to Dana Warren, the heroin in my book Reunited with her Daredevil Doc. She is a smoke jumper who bravely, ably and expertly leads her team who jump from a plane to fight forest fires.


Rachael Stewart:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Olivia in Reawakened, one of my Mills & Boon DARE titles. Finding herself widowed at 45 and having lived in the shadow of a man most of her adult life, her eyes have been opened and she’s taking back control of her life, both personally and professionally. She’s smart, sassy and fearless on the outside with a soft gooey core that both the reader and her hero, young Valentine, can’t help but fall in love with.


Lucy Morris:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to my character Gyda in The Viking Chief’s Marriage Alliance who risked everything but ended up losing it all in a shipwreck. Despite this, she manages to find the courage to begin again. She’s not a warrior, or expressive with her feelings, but she has a quiet strength and dignity that I find admirable.


JC Harroway:

For me, this International Women’s Day is dedicated to the heroine of Forbidden Fling with Dr Right, surgeon, Darcy Wright, who refuses to be held back or made small in life, her career or in love. Darcy is the epitome of a strong, independent romance heroine, and an inspirational woman to boot because she is uncompromising in her pursuit of what she deserves.


Joss Wood:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Sophia Stanton-Lacy who exuberantly takes on the male dominated, Regency world created by Georgette Heyer. Sophie’s smart, in-your-face, confident and isn’t afraid to shine. She’s a heroine perfectly at home in her own skin, self-assured and independent. A thoroughly modern miss!


Liz Tyner:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Esme Canville from An Unladylike Offer by Christine Merrill. Esme was trapped in a cruel home life where she was powerless except for her wits, but she used them to escape her prison and help a friend fight addiction; and in turn, found her own strength.


Bronwyn Scott:

Today I celebrate the heroine, Mercedes Lockhart, from A Lady Risks All, because she demonstrates strength, resilience and integrity under fire in order to stay true to one’s path even when that path conflicted with the goals of those closest to her.


Sarah Rodi:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Svea Ivarrson, from my second book, Escaping With Her Saxon Enemy. Svea is a Viking shield maiden, and her feisty personality smashes everyone’s ideas of how a woman should look and behave. Her non-conformity in terms of how she dresses and how she acts, in addition to her prowess on the battlefield and how hard she’s worked to be the best warrior makes her a surprising character, and one who becomes more complex as the truth about her past unravels. To me, she is the perfect embodiment of bravery because despite all that she has been through, she always puts others before herself.


Andrea Bolter:

I dedicate this International Women’s Day to Bridget Jones. Not only does she always make me laugh but she encourages me to fly my flag, to honor my own uniqueness. Mark Darcy said it for all of us, we like her just as she is.


Michelle Douglas:

I dedicate this to International Women’s Day to MJ (Marjorie Joan) Mabel (from Escape With Her Greek Tycoon) who refuses to maintain her family’s feud with the Constantinos family and sets about creating peace between the two families instead. While this might make her sound naïve, MJ is no fool. She’s clear-sighted, has a plan, and believes that given a chance all parties can behave with honour and integrity. In the face of hostility and bitterness, MJ is the perfect embodiment of strength and decency…and kindness.