If Love Island contestants were Mills & Boon characters…

If Love Island contestants were Mills & Boon characters…

We can’t quite believe that we’re already four weeks into this year’s series of Love Island – and so much has happened! There’s been romance aplenty, heartbreak, steamy moments of passion and a few tears shed as well. We’re starting to feel like we know the Islanders as well as we know our favourite Mills & Boon heroes and heroines. So, we thought, why not get out the sorting hat and choose a series for each Islander?

Modern: Wes and Samira

Modern heroes are sophisticated, sexy and seductive, and they know how to treat a girl right by splashing the cash! Wes once admitted to splurging £1000 on a date with a girl – which is exactly what a besotted Modern hero would do for his love interest.

Modern women are fierce, independent and know exactly what they want. We love watching Samira on screen: she’s got a feisty attitude, can hold her own, and doesn’t compromise when it comes to her feelings. She’s exactly the kind of personality to appear in a Mills & Boon Modern!

Historical: Jack and Dani

We know that Love Island’s not set in Regency London, Viking times or medieval Scotland! But Jack and Dani’s blossoming romance has all the hallmarks of a good old-fashioned historical romance. Jack and Dani have been coupled up from the beginning, but despite this they’re taking things slow and not getting too – ahem – steamy on screen! Often, with Mills & Boon Historicals, the commitment comes first and the romance grows over time. We can totally see Dani in a Regency-era wedding gown, and Jack in stockings, breeches and a tailcoat! That luscious hair just screams ‘Duke’. And there’s even a disapproving father to boot!

Medical: Alex

Who else would slot into a Mills & Boon Medical than Love Island’s very own Dr. Love, Alex George? Alex seems to be unlucky in love, but just like our Medical heroes, we’re certain that his princess is just around the corner. We just need to find out who his type is, on (prescription) paper.

True Love: Laura

True Love stories focus on the emotional heart of a relationship, and Laura is the perfect candidate for a True Love heroine. She’s emotionally mature, caring and generous, and even when her heart’s been broken she’s willing to be the bigger person and forgive. It takes a lot of guts to do that, and we’re sure Laura’s own true love is on his way into the Villa very soon!

Desire: Adam

Secrets, scandal, drama… we all know Adam Collard, the Villa’s resident playboy and self-proclaimed stud, isn’t short of any of the elements of a Mills & Boon Desire story. Adam’s had plenty of scandal during his time on Love Island, and as a fully paid-up member of the Do Bits Society, we’re sure there’s plenty more to come. But, like all Mills & Boon heroes, Adam’s heart might yet be tamed… he just needs the right girl to tame it!

Heroes: Georgia and Josh

We’re completely obsessed with the hyperactive bottle rocket that is Georgia Steel, and her partner Josh who is forever on his toes trying to keep up with her! Both Georgia and Josh have heaps of energy, they can’t sit still, and they’re always off on another adventure – whether it’s pranking the other Islanders or jumping in the pool. With all that extra energy, these two would the perfect daredevil couple in a Mills & Boon Heroes story, where we’re sure they’d be putting all that hyperactivity to good use fighting fires, solving crimes and chasing bank robbers!

DARE: Megan

Oozing sex appeal, and a constant object of the boys’ affections. Megan is drop-dead gorgeous and knows exactly how to keep the lads under her thumb – exactly like a Mills & Boon DARE heroine! Just like a DARE girl, Megan is sassy, super-confident and ultra-sensual. Who knows which Islander is going to catch her eye next?

What series would you be in if you were a Mills & Boon heroine? Which series would you sort the new Islanders into? Let us know by tweeting us @MillsandBoon!

By Kirsty Capes