The Doctor and the Princess Excerpt

The Doctor and the Princess Excerpt

Her very own Mr Darcy

As a rule, Gabrielle Cartier prefers the title ‘Dr’ to ‘Princess’. And when sexy surgeon Sullivan Darcy joins her humanitarian mission in the jungle, she’s desperate to explore their chemistry. Until sudden news of her brother’s abdication means Gabrielle must return home to rule!

Sullivan longs to offer Gabrielle the support she needs but the pain of loss haunts him. Yet she stirs long-dormant feelings in him, feelings that give him the courage to confront his demons…and the determination to win his princess!


He turned the palm of his hand, extending it out towards her. ‘Give me Gabrielle back, please.’

She frowned with confusion. ‘What do you mean?’

He was giving her a knowing kind of smile. ‘I had her. I had her right there with me, then you just flipped back into princess mode.’

A little chill spread over her skin. He was right. She had. One second she’d been enjoying dinner with Sullivan, contemplating some fun, and the next? She’d been sucked back into the wave of responsibility that felt as if it could suffocate her.

Tears prickled in her eyes. But Sullivan kept his voice light, almost teasing. ‘When Gabrielle hears this tune, there’s only one thing she can do.’

‘I thought you didn’t dance?’ She smirked as the heat of his body pressed up against hers. Apart from the night she’d lain in his arms, this was the first time since Paris she’d really been in a place she wanted to be.

‘I thought you needed to let your hair down a little,’ he said huskily. ‘Remember what it is to have some fun.’

She swung her head. ‘But my hair is down,’ she argued, as her curls bounced around her shoulders.

‘Is it?’ he asked as he swung her round and dipped her.

She squealed, laughing, her arms slipping up and fastening around his neck. He held her there for a second, his mouth just inches from hers. She glanced up at his dark hair, running a finger along the edges. ‘This is the longest I’ve seen your hair. Is that a little kink? Does your normal buzz cut hide curls?’ She was teasing. She couldn’t help it.

This was the kind of life she wanted to live. She wanted to be free to work hard during the day and laugh, joke and flirt her way with a man who made her heart sing through the nights.

He swung her back up, so close her breasts pressed against his chest. ‘Now, that, my lovely lady, would be telling.’


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