Exclusive Extract: Reunited with his Long-Lost Nurse by Charlotte Hawkes

Exclusive Extract: Reunited with his Long-Lost Nurse by Charlotte Hawkes

We’re thrilled to share a sneak peak at Reunited with his Long-Lost Nurse, the passionate new Medical romance by Charlotte Hawkes.


He’d taken another step towards her and Talia found she was twisting herself up in knots not to react. Not to show any sign of feeling intimidated.

Intimidation? a sly voice asked. Or attraction?

‘Which made it particularly interesting when the same Nate Edwards contacted me a week ago, asking me if I would like to take a look at a special case.’

Uncertainty coursed through her. His tone was so loaded that she almost thought he knew the truth. But how could he? Nate wouldn’t have betrayed her confidence. And now that she’d already pretended not to know what he was doing on the island, she had no choice but to keep feigning innocence.

Still, she flicked a nervous tongue out over suddenly parched lips as she adopted a look of vague interest.


‘Oh?’ he echoed, a little too breezily for Talia’s liking.

An almost dangerous nonchalance. Which was odd if she thought about it as Liam was renowned for his cool, even temperament. So laid-back that it almost dipped into emotional detachment.

Even with her. Which was the part she’d hated the most.

There had been a few moments over the long summer they’d enjoyed together—the briefest of flashes when she’d thought he was about to let his guard down and talk to her. But then the shutters had slammed down abruptly on her again, and she’d been left out in the cold. All his thoughts and feelings his, and his alone.

‘So, to be clear, you knew nothing about my arrival?’ he challenged, so close now that she had to tilt her neck up to look into his face.

And suddenly she couldn’t pretend any more. The electricity practically crackled in the space between them, leaving her feeling shaky and drained. Like she was coiled so tightly inside that she was at risk of jumping out of her own skin at any moment.

Whatever she’d told herself, it seemed her body was only too willing to undermine it. Even after all this time, it still wanted him. Ached for him.

‘I knew nothing,’ she confirmed, her voice sounding like that of a stranger. ‘Obviously, I knew a surgeon was coming in to fill in for Isak on the trial, but I didn’t know it was you.’

His eyes bored into her that little bit deeper, causing her entire body to begin to heat. She told herself it was because she hated fibbing. It was why she usually prided herself on never doing so.

‘Is that so?’ He lifted a hand and, if she hadn’t known better, she might have thought he was about to put a stray curl around her ear or caress her cheek.

Obviously, he did neither.

And still Talia didn’t answer. She was getting hotter now and somehow the ground had shifted beneath her feet, leaving her scrambling for some kind of purchase. She couldn’t explain it.

‘Imagine, then,’ Liam continued almost conversationally, ‘my thoughts when I asked Nate where he’d heard about my work, only for him to inform me that he’d looked into my reputation after one of his scrub nurses had recommended me.’


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