Exclusive Extract: Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion

Exclusive Extract: Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion

Read on for a sneak peek at True Love author Nina Singh‘s new book, Her Inconvenient Christmas Reunion.


One of the beams along the ceiling of the tent had a mistletoe plant dangling, it hung right above where she stood. She had no idea who might have put it there. If she’d known, she might have taken care not to get caught under the darn thing. But here she was, right in the line of fire.

As if it was some sort of sign.

Her breath caught in her chest when she looked back at Zayn. His gaze was fixated squarely on her lips. His eyes had grown impossibly dark. Slowly, dreamily, he lowered his face toward hers. Out of pure instinct, she bit down on her lower lip.

Heaven help her, she had no doubt what he was about to do. And she had no doubt that she wanted him to. Very much.

Her mind cried out that it would be all wrong. She shouldn’t want this, couldn’t want it. This was the man who had left her after breaking her heart. He was the one who’d replied with non-answers when she’d emailed and called and texted to ask why. He was only here now because he wanted to oust her out of her very position as part owner of the winery she called home.

He’d be gone again in a matter of days.

What treacherous manner of heart did she have beating in her chest that she was ready to forget all that and long for him to kiss her?

She swallowed past the dryness that suddenly coated her tongue. “I have no idea how that got there. It’s not part of the decorations.”

“How lucky for me that it did.” He leaned toward her then, reached his arm behind her along her waist.

With the touch of his lips against hers, all the doubts and trepidation seemed to vanish into thin air. The crowd around them no longer existed. All that mattered was the taste of him, the warmth of skin against hers.

She felt as if time had reversed herself and she was catapulted back to the young woman she’d been all those years ago, being held and kissed by the only man she’d ever fallen in love with. The only one she’d loved since…

The moment was over all too soon. When he pulled away, she felt the loss like a physical ache. “We’ll have to figure out who’s responsible for the mistletoe,” he whispered against her cheek, his breath hot on her skin. “So that I can properly thank them.”


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