Exclusive Extract: Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract

Exclusive Extract: Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract

Read on for a sneak peek at Mills & Boon Modern author Heidi Rice‘s new book, Innocent’s Desert Wedding Contract


She might look fresh faced but from the awareness he had seen flash into her eyes when he had first discovered her in the stables, and the way her body had visibly responded to him, he suspected she was far from innocent. Even better.

‘I’ll consider giving you a job on my team here,’ he said, deciding he could offer her that much, once he no longer had need of her. ‘And throw in an extra million euro to keep your sister and yourself solvent after the sale goes through,’ he added on the spur of the moment. It was only money after all and he wanted her compliant for what he had in mind. ‘But I have a different position in mind for now.’

‘That… That would be incredible,’ she said, the blush turning her face to a becoming shade of pink. ‘Whatever the position is I’m sure I can do it. I’m very adaptable. I realise you don’t know me,’ she said, getting ahead of herself again as he continued to study her. ‘I’m happy to work a probation period, as long as I can keep working with our horses,’ she added, a little frantically, the leap of desperate hope sparkling in her deep green eyes.

Desperate was good, eager to please even more so, it made her all but perfect for the role he had in mind. Except…

He let his gaze drift over her slender frame again, the boyish clothes, the lack of make-up and the wild hair now beginning to curl around her ears, and still felt the inexplicable ripple of arousal that had surprised him in the stables, annoyingly.

But perhaps it was easily explained. She was pretty enough and her gauche, guileless demeanour made her quite different from the women he usually dated. Her novelty value would soon wear off, though, making this inexplicable reaction easy to control going forward.

‘What job did you have in mind for me, Mr Khan?’ she said, having finally wound down long enough to ask.

‘I want you to become my fiancée, Ms Calhoun.’


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