When old favourites are Reloved

When old favourites are Reloved

I like to think of my bookshelf as a reflection of who I am now. A glossy, well thought-out mix of fact and fiction that shows the world my grown-up tastes. But, in amongst the latest paperbacks and showbiz biographies, there’s a tattered, yellowing romance that I just can’t throw away. It was the 14-year-old me’s favourite book, and just reading the odd paragraph takes me back to my childhood bedroom with its Wham posters, homework and air of teen angst.

Nostalgic, transportative, or just a fantastic story that stands the test of time, there’s something very special about revisiting a favourite book.

That’s exactly how we feel about our amazing archive of romance reads here at Paradise Heights, which is why, this month, we’ve launched Mills & Boon Reloved.

Over the last year, we’ve used the latest technological wizardry to digitise hundreds of classic romances into eBook format. We’ve picked a selection of books by your favourite authors – as voted for by you on Facebook – and packaged these up into great–value bundles. This month you can enjoy classic reads from Anne Mather, Lynne Graham and Carole Mortimer, and don’t forget to look out for more bumper author bundles over the coming months.

So, put those tattered old paperbacks to one side – they deserve to be looked after now – and enjoy pristine new versions of favourite books on your eReader. Reminiscing is optional.