Thills & Swoon:  My Life with Mills & Boon

Thills & Swoon: My Life with Mills & Boon

Post-Greece Bliss

Having just returned from IASPR’s Fifth International Conference on Popular Romance Studies (Rethinking Love, Rereading the Romance) in Greece, my mind is still firmly basking in Greek sunshine, even as London skies threaten rain.

This month’s #ThrillsandSwoon blog is focusing on the summer that’s due to hit the UK’s shores any day now…

Escapist fiction with a twist, Victoria Fox‘s latest book Power Games looks at the pros and cons of celebrity and then – startlingly – at base human instinct as the central characters find themselves stranded on a desert island.  

Essentially Lord of the Flies with sex, the veracity and starkness of her prose in Part Two will shock in the very best kind of way.

Despite its glammed up cover, this is a beach read with a difference!

From the stark remoteness of an isolated desert island to Harmony Valley in Summer Kisses.

Melinda Curtis captures characters, impossible situations and the warmth of this tiny little village in a heartwarming story of love and loss.

Becca is a caregiver for the elderly, but her new patient’s grandson Flynn senses that there’s something important that she’s hiding from him…  And whilst his trust is hard won, he can’t help but find her enchantingly lovely.

Anouska Knight’s second novel echoes the heartbreak of the first.

A Part of Me deals the complicated process of adoption and what happens when life throws barriers in the way of a heart’s desire.

Amy Alwood finds herself torn between her partner James and flashy new client Rohan Bywater; how can she choose between her heart and the thing she’s wanted most.?

Avery Shaw arrives in Crescent Cove, Australia, determined to find her childhood crush; instead she finds herself in the midst of Her Hottest Summer Yet as she meets the delicious Jonah North…

Ally Blake claims that this book is “for all the long hot Australian summers of my life; for all the memories and possibility they hold” and we must certainly agree.

Look out for its sequel, The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews in August 2014…

Fresh off the plane from Greece, as I am, I’ve found myself missing the sunshine and the whole bustling atmosphere that brings it to life.

In Greek for Beginners, the essence of Greece is brought to life as Darcie lands in Athens, ready to spend her honeymoon alone.  When Nick rescues her from a con man and takes her under his wing, he begins to realise that there may be more to love than he previously thought…

Jackie Braun’s description of Nick’s physique was quoted in one of the papers at the conference as well!!

All the Summer Temptation stories have strong, sassy heroines with a singular goal in mind. 

Natalie Anderson’s Waking Up in the Wrong Bed stars film location scout Ellie Thomas, whose determination to seduce her co-worker lands her in bed with a stranger…

Nikki Logan’s Shirley Marr has been keeping her mother’s memory alive in Once A Rebel; and she wants to know why Hayden Tennant hasn’t done the same…

When author Stella Mills finds herself stranded on a luxury yacht with the inspiration for hero from her debut novel in Amy AndrewsThe Devil and the Deep, sparks fly…

What are your favourite Medical titles?