Therese Beharrie talks #LoveAtTheLibrary

Therese Beharrie talks #LoveAtTheLibrary

As part of #LoveAtTheLibrary, we’re asking our authors to share why they love their libraries. Check back over the next few weeks to read their thoughts and remember to follow Mills & Boon to see all the romantic displays! Today we hear from one of the newest members of the Mills & Boon family, Therese Beharrie!


My childhood was quite lonely in the traditional sense. I had siblings who were much older than me (and who had very little interest in entertaining their baby sister) and I didn’t have that many friends. But just because I didn’t spend time with people didn’t mean I felt alone. You see, my mother had given me a gift when I was very young that meant I would never feel alone: she took me to the library.

Reading has always been a bit of an obsession of mine since my mother showed me my first “You Can Read” video. When she told me about libraries, I quite literally started dreaming about large buildings with books that held characters who could be my friends (#nerdandproud). Once I got my membership card, I steadily read my way through the books in the library. I experienced different worlds and encountered different people. I could morph into animals, solve mysteries and fall in love after only one trip to the library.

I had honestly found more happiness than I could have imagined in books.

Combined with my real-life experiences though, I found myself becoming frustrated with the children’s books I was reading. I wanted to read something more real. I wanted to see complicated people in complicated relationships. But because I was also looking for an escape from reality, I still wanted to feel good after I finished reading a book.

Fortunately, I discovered Mills and Boon.

I was introduced to these books when, just before I turned thirteen, my cousin snuck me one of hers during a family vacation. The romance, the angst, the will-they-won’t-they uncertainty, and most importantly, the happily-ever-after I found in that book started a love affair that enhanced my already rooted enjoyment of romance.  I was so happy to turn thirteen so that I could finally borrow from the “adult” section of the library. I got to read as many Mills and Boons as I liked, and I even used them as practice for learning another language at school!

Libraries have an incredibly special place in my heart because of all of this. I cannot wait to one day raise my children with the library in their lives so that I know that they will always have friends, always have a place of refuge, and always have the magical worlds books offer to escape to.

Hopefully supporting the library will bring them as much joy as it has to me.

Thank you so much to Therese for visiting the blog today! Her first book with Mills & Boon will be published early next year but in the meantime keep up to date with her on Twitter and via her blog