#SummerSizzler Author Post – Nicole Locke

#SummerSizzler Author Post – Nicole Locke

Historical author Nicole Locke tells us about her Top Ten Reading Spots!

The Knight's Broken PromiseI believe anything Top Ten has to be spectacular. Except reading to me is a necessity like eating and breathing. So I’ll read while sitting, laying, cooking, walking, waiting, hiking, riding roller coasters (at the beginning at least) and swimming. I’ll even read when trying to have a conversation. Like, oops, there’s some letters here… I’ll just…and I’m gone. My favourite spot to read is in bed, and if I can read until 2:00 am? It even feels a bit naughty. But would I say any of those would be Top Ten? No. So I had a think: where haven’t I read?

10. Zero gravity chamber. If I could do this, it’s got to be better than reading in bed. Because as much as I prop myself up with pillows, at some point my neck gets a crick in it. No aches and pains when you’re just floating around!

9. On Jupiter’s moon Titan. You ask why not just in outer space? Well, watch QI Series 9, Episode 7. Just thinking of that episode makes me giggle. So if I’m going to be reading in space, that’s the place I want to be.

8. Roller Coaster. I put my book away when the ride started, but I do wonder to this day how swept away I could have really been on an upside down loop.

7. Hot Air Balloon. I’ve never ridden a hot air balloon. I like the idea, but I always wonder what I’ll do once there. Oh, yes…read!

6. Skiing. All right, if I’m skiing, it’s in my mind. I’m terrified of sharp pointy things underneath me as I’m careening down a hill. But with a book in hand, I wouldn’t notice the daggers on my feet I’m wearing.

5. Jumping from the top of Angel Falls, Venezuela. Yes, the book would get wet, but imagine how realistic falling in love with a story would feel?

4. In a boat on the Amazon. Romantic and exhilarating, but I’ll need to be reading while on the Amazon so I don’t notice the giant man eating insects.

3. While hovering over an active volcano. I may get scorched along with the book, but some of those late night books I read do just the same.

2. In the eye of a tornado. I love that swept away roaring ears feeling while reading. Might as well add the real thing while at it.

1. Hotel Excelsior, Venice. In bed. Okay, I’ve actually read there. But it was a momentous read. It’s the one where I read an email from Harlequin Historical indicating an interest in my manuscript and they’d like to get in touch when I returned home. That manuscript was my first published book The Knights’s Broken Promise.

Nicole x

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