Sarah Mallory introduces the Brides of Waterloo Historical Trilogy

Sarah Mallory introduces the Brides of Waterloo Historical Trilogy

The 18th June 2015 is the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.  This is when Wellington met Napoleon in a decisive battle where the victor would determine the fate of Europe.   Mills & Boon Historical authors Sarah Mallory, Annie Burrows and Louise Allen are commemorating this major event with their Brides of Waterloo trilogy.  Three of Wellington’s most notorious officers meet three very different women, women who are all united in a fight for their lives, their reputations and the men they love.

Here’s Sarah Mallory on the trilogy…

What made you want to write a story commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo?

Visiting Waterloo several years ago I was very moved by the stories that were bound up with that momentous battle. Knowing the bicentenary would be a very important occasion I wanted to do something personal to mark it.  Storytelling is my craft, so this is my contribution to the event.

How did you collaborate with the other two authors involved in this trilogy, Annie Burrows and Louise Allen?

Annie, Louise and I have been friends for years, we all write Regency historicals so Waterloo is a familiar background for all of us. It only took a few emails for us to agree that we wanted to write the Brides of Waterloo trilogy and after that we began to plan our books, each using a character from the artillery unit we had created, affectionately known as Randall’s Rogues. Most of our communication was by email, although we did meet up occasionally at RNA events. Emails flew thick and fast across the ether, we used spreadsheets to plot the timelines and to keep a note of our characters. Modern technology was hugely important in our collaboration, although on one memorable occasion Annie and I did get together in the café of a large bookshop and work out one of the battle scenes with the use of the cruet set, coffee cups and napkins. That attracted a few bemused looks!

What kind of research did you do to conjure up the period authentically?

All three of us have been researching the Regency period for years, but this trilogy meant we needed to find out more about the military aspects of the battle. We read books on Waterloo by respected military historians, visited exhibitions and talked to re-enactors, as well as contacting a Waterloo tour guide who has made the Battle his life study.

Can you tell us a little about your hero and heroine?

My hero is Justin, Lord Randall. He is a career soldier with no time for romance, until he meets Mary Endacott, a radical young teacher who challenges his authority. She is opposed to everything Lord Randall represents and not afraid to say so, but once she falls in love with Randall she proves herself to be every bit as courageous as her man.

Are you doing anything special to celebrate the book launch?

I am delighted that Westminster Archives are holding a Waterloo Event which will include my book launch as well as talks by historians and re-enactors. I can’t wait!

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