Lost in Romance #23 – Dipping Your Pen In The Office Ink…

Lost in Romance #23 – Dipping Your Pen In The Office Ink…

‘I’m sleeping with my boss…’ It’s taken 70 ml of white rum, carefully disguised in two strawberry daiquiris, for my red-faced friend to pluck up the courage and whisper her revelation in my ear. We’re in a crowded bar, no one could plausibly have heard her if she had shouted her little confession…yet the shame is written all over her face. Take it back one hundred years and I fear she would already have sewn a scarlet letter onto her monochrome blouse.

You see, office relationships tend to be incredibly taboo relationships. We’ve all heard the expression ‘never dip your pen in company ink’, but when it comes to the big boss…it’s the ultimate forbidden fruit! There’s a fine line to tread when you’re teetering between flirting to get ahead, and flirting because you’ve found forever. Either way, it’s your future on the line and your career at stake…so if you’re prepared to take that risk, it had better be worth it!

Forget your stationary room fantasies, sweet-talking in the elevator or photocopying inappropriate parts of your anatomy and slipping it in the post pile…we’re not talking about a mere office crush. When you fall for the majestic man in the expensive suit, it’s a far cry from silly love letters on sticky notes. Your head might be telling you he’s totally off-limits, but you’ve already lost your heart….because there’s nothing more irresistible than a man with power!

In The Argentinian’s Demand by Cathy Williams (Modern, August 2014), what the bad boy of the business world wants…he gets! When billionaire Leandro Perez’s indispensable and alluring assistant Emily Edison resigns, letting him know what she really thinks of him, he’s furious. If she wants to go, she’ll pay the price – two weeks in paradise at his beck and call! Trapped by Leandro, Emily’s fragile plan to marry a suitable man in order to bring security to her family is threatened. And as their attraction gives way to a craving that’s impossible to deny, Emily will have to make the ultimate choice – duty…or desire?

Then, in Tempted by Her Boss by Scarlet Wilson (Medical, August 2014) it’s clear that around this super-hot boss, love is infectious! One second Dr Grace Barclay is sitting at her desk, the next she’s naked in the decontamination showers with notorious doc and total sex god Donovan Reid! The chemistry between them is sizzling, so when Grace is assigned to Donovan’s team it’s all she can do to remain cool, calm and professional with her new boss. But with her career at stake Grace must impress for all the right reasons. And surrendering to the temptation of Donovan would be oh-so-wrong…wouldn’t it?

The trouble is, when you fall for your boss there’s just no way to escape those frissons of electricity shooting around the office. Everywhere you turn, you’re faced with six foot two of raw masculinity and faint-inducing cologne. Who knew that the soft ping of an email landing in your inbox could invoke a near-on heart attack…? But ladies, don’t wait until the Christmas party to drunkenly reveal your feelings – it’s not pretty and it never ends well. And, most importantly, do remember that one lingering glance doesn’t necessarily mean love – it’s likely he’s finally noticed you staring…or salivating (or both!).

We’d love to know the romantic tales from your office, do tell us…have you ever fallen for your boss?