Introducing: The Romantics

Introducing: The Romantics

You know those times when you need pure heart-exploding romance and nothing else will do? It might be your ten year anniversary, a milestone birthday or just a time to treat the person you love to something extra special because they’ve been really wonderful to you lately.  It can be hard to find the things that capture real ‘twinkle in the eye’ romance.

That’s why we came up with brand new awards: The Romantics!  In April, these special awards will celebrate the elite of the UK’s most romantic things. Not elite in a ‘my cars bigger than yours’ kind of way,  oh no.  We know romance doesn’t have to mean expensive and plush. It’s about being unique, creative, imaginative so that’s what we’ll be looking for amongst the nominations. 

Excuse us if we boast a little but with 20,000 kisses, 20,000 love stories, and 10,000 marriages, we at Mills & Boon feel quite well qualified (from the university of lurve, obvi) to know what a perfectly romantic moment can be like and we want to promote more of them, with your help of course!

Here’s how you can get involved. 

What happens when?

February 2015: Nominate!

Do you run a business that creates hundreds of magical romantic moments all year? Do you know a perfect business to put forward? Nominate one or more to give them a chance to win! The deadline for nominations is March 22nd! 
Please note that our launch year is for UK companies and people only  – sorry about this but we had to make it manageable for launch. Next year we will hopefully be able to make the awards international, for all our global fans!

March 2015: Vote!

The most popular 10 nominations for each award category, as chosen by the Mills & Boon team, are revealed!  Vote from your favourites and have a chance to win some gorgeously indulgent prizes to thank you for your efforts. The prizes will be revealed on our blog soon so keep a look out.

April 2015: Winners are revealed!

This is your chance to see the shortlist for the ultimate list of romantic things to do, buy and experience.  Three finalists for each category will be put before the fabulous judges (to be revealed very soon).  On April 29th, the ‘shortlisters’ will be invited to come together for a fabulous celebratory award ceremony on floor 17 at the HarperCollins offices in the News Building, in the mini (it’s actually massive) Shard. The judges will reveal the winners amidst bubbles and canapés (trying not to get vertigo from the staggering views!).  The Author’s award, this year hosted by a best-selling author TBA, presents one overall winner who will be written into an actual living and breathing Mills & Boon story, on sale in 2016!

We reveal the winners on the following day.

So what are you waiting for, romance-lovers?  Take a moment, engage with your most special of memories, capture your most romantic ones and tell us about where they happened here.