Exclusive Extract: His Cinderella Next Door

Exclusive Extract: His Cinderella Next Door

Read on for a sneak peek at True Love author Care Colter‘s new book, His Cinderella Next Door – out now!


MOLLY TOUCHED OSCAR’S face, not playfully now, but ever so gently, exploring. Then, she trailed her red finger, a pomegranate aril clinging to it, over his lip. His tongue, of its own volition, darted out of his mouth and took that seed from her finger. 

The charge between them intensified, hissing and snapping like a storm-broken electrical wire on the ground. 

The current held Molly and Oscar prisoner in its field. Oscar found himself helpless to resist the force that pulled him closer to her. He reached up, slowly, deliberately, and put his juice-drenched hand to her lips. 

Everything intensified. The color of her eyes. The sensations along his skin. The sounds of both of them breathing. The delicate heave of her chest. 

Molly’s tongue flicked out, pink, soft, moist. She tasted the juice that clung to his skin, a hummingbird tasting nectar. He watched her eyes darken to a shade of green he had seen only once before, in a mossy and shaded dark corner of a forest. 

And maybe once before that, even. After her father had died, and their lips had found each other in a moment so exquisite and so tortured it had burned a permanent etching in his brain. 

He should have learned a lesson from that. He had felt things he had never felt before. But Molly had disappeared from his life as quickly as mist burned off by a hot sun, leaving him with a sense that the kiss had ruined everything. 

Taken the most important thing in his life from him. 

And yet, here it was again, the most delicate form of torture he had ever endured. Her lips, as soft as velvet, as plump as a ripe strawberry, on his hand, a gentle nuzzle that sizzled. Her eyes, wide and smoky, on his face. 

He held his breath. Was she going to taste the pomegranate juice on his face, as well as his hand, with those delicate, exquisite lips? She leaned in toward him. He leaned toward her, pulled on a cord of desire that had been there for a long time between them. Invisible. But no less powerful for that. 

Could it be different this time? 

Was he willing to take that risk? 

Did he have any choice? 



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