Chatsfield Twitter Pitch Competition | Who’s Who at The Chatsfield?

Chatsfield Twitter Pitch Competition | Who’s Who at The Chatsfield?

Mills & Boon Modern wants you to show us what you’ve got!


Welcome to the wonderful world of The Chatsfield.

Our authors have astounded you with scandalous tales of the Chatsfield family exploits…

Now it’s your turn!

Enter our #HotelScandal writing competition and make these amazing characters your own. You may be thinking about your twitter pitch, but your short story must feature, star, or simply see characters from the delicious, scandalous, Chatsfield series.

So for a quick reminder of some of the stunning cast of characters you have available to you, here are a few of our favourite heroes:

Lucca and Orsino Chatsfield, playboy twins, 28

Devilishly handsome, outrageously charming and notoriously promiscuous, it’s the paparazzi’s dream come true when the Chatsfield twins get together for a night on the town that’s guaranteed to end in scandal!  Despite their closeness the twins actually lead very separate lives. Orsino is renowned for his love of extreme sports and thrill-seeking, while Lucca prefers to get his kicks closer to home; usually in the arms of the hordes of eager women who follow his every move!

Christos Giatrakou, CEO, 38  

He’s Greek, he’s orphaned, he’s ruthless and he doesn’t care about anybody.  Turning The Chatsfield hotel chain around is a challenge he’s happy to take on, but he doesn’t want the Chatsfield children involved! He’s pulled himself up by the bootstraps and doesn’t have time for spoilt rich kids who don’t know the meaning of a hard day’s work! 

Daniel Northman, 36

The charismatic new Bar Manager of The Chatsfield, London is secretly the millionaire owner of Smoking Gun security services. Daniel has spent a lot of money and many years tracking down the man responsible for his father’s death; Matthias Cavello. He’s on the path to revenge, but that doesn’t mean he’s forsaken all pleasures! Daniel and Jessie Loe might have developed a red hot relationship, but what would it be like to spend a night with this notorious, but secretive heart-throb?!

Adam Brightman, 29

This Media mogul from New York is a lifelong friend of Lucca Chatsfield and playboy about town.  He has a private jet at his disposal, and enough money to ensure life is good! Currently living in the Presidential suite of the Chatsfield London, Adam is as easy with a smile as he is with his women! Do you have a story to tell about the famous Adam Brightman? 

And now for the fabulous heroines that grace the world of The Chatsfield:

Cara Chatsfield, 21

Spoilt and coddled by her elder siblings, Cara is a reformed wild child, still courting publicity with her chaotic exploits.  It makes perfect sense to use her famous face for her career as an internationally successful model.  But not all publicity is good publicity and her notoriety threatens the hotel’s fragile reputation.  There’s only one place where her scandalous behaviour won’t raise an eyebrow – Sin City, Las Vegas!

Lucilla Chatsfield, 35

Lucilla put her own life on hold to take care of her younger siblings and keep the family business afloat.  She knows the business inside out and has earned her right to take the helm of The Chatsfield. But she’s been overlooked by her archaic father.  Furious that her father has brought in a stranger over her, she goes out of her way to sabotage the new CEO’s plans!

Ally Bliss, 24

The bright, witty, Chatsfield Hotel chambermaid who accidentally discovers that she can earn £500+ being a very high class escort! Slightly unorganized, little chaotic, very endearing, likeable underdog. But it’s not all about sex – through her escapades she finds empowerment, her inner strength and the ability to help her mother out of her financial crisis.

Jessie Loe, 29

Executive Assistant to Lucilla Chatsfield, Jessie is a loving and romantic girl that is disillusioned with love after her horrible boyfriend cheats on her. She has a series of webisodes,(IMBED LINK??) focused on her best friends challenge: to stay single!! But can this romantic really avoid true love forever?


At Mills & Boon we love nothing more than international affairs! The Chatsfield has a range of opulent, luxurious, stunning locations around the world. From America, Australia, Europe or Dubai The Chatsfield’s doors will always be open, providing a bespoke and discreet service to the impossibly rich and exceptionally famous. Don’t be afraid to make full use of The Chatsfield renowned hospitality!

So what makes a great hotel scandal for your short story?

Ever wondered what happens behind the closed doors of the richest and most exclusive hotels? So do we!! Now’s our chance to find out…

Tell us what story you would like to tell? Is it sexy, or is it heart-warming? (At its most sexy, it should hit the same level as your favourite Modern) Is it love reunited? Or last chance at love? Is it a girly night out in The Chatsfield Barcelona? Or is it a stag do in The Chatsfield Dubai?

Whatever takes your fancy, remember – there are only 140 characters in a tweet. So make your pitches punchy, fun and fabulous!

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