Believing in a happy ending by Susanne Hampton

Believing in a happy ending by Susanne Hampton

Please welcome to the family, debut Medical romance author, Susanne Hampton! Her debut book Unlocking the Doctor’s Heart is out now! We caught up with Susanne to discuss her author journey and her very own happy ever after

Here’s Susanne…

Believing in a happy ending has made writing romance a natural choice for me. An avid reader of romance, I also love watching romantic comedies and soap operas. I admit it. The storylines, the characters, the happily ever after…it’s impossible not to become hooked. Nineteen years ago I read my first Medical Romance, and I dreamed of one day becoming a published Mills & Boon author. I just loved the medical detail and pulse-racing drama woven into a beautiful love story.

I am so thrilled to be a part of the Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical family. This dream of mine was something my family whole-heartedly supported. My husband, Peter, and two daughters, Orianthi and Tina have been there propping me up and encouraging me to keeping writing when I received the dreaded rejection letters and were also there for the celebration of ‘the Call’ from Mills & Boon on 8 July 2013. A very special day and one I will always remember!

My love affair with writing began with a story I wrote in grade seven. My teacher turned the story into the end of year class production. Looking back that was quite an achievement but, being a typical shy and awkward twelve year old at the time, I was more worried about which character I would be asked to portray. I had actually forgotten about the play until recently, but I clearly loved telling a story even as a child.

Now by day I work for the Government and by night, and on the weekends, I escape into my own world of writing romance. I love my characters and enjoy planning their journey to finding each other and happiness. My first book, UNLOCKING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is Beth and Matthew’s story about learning to trust again. Beth chose to leave a home where she felt she didn’t matter, a place where she wasn’t valued and, in her mind, never loved the way she wanted and needed. Matthew had loved once but he had been so badly hurt that he decided to keep his heart locked away forever. He became the Eastern Memorial Hospital A & E ogre, with little patience for those who worked under him.

Beth arrives in Australia from London as an RMO exchange at the Eastern Memorial, but this makes matters worse for Matthew as his heart was broken by a previous RMO exchange. A situation Matthew will not repeat. He has no intention of sharing his past or opening his heart to this English rose, until Beth makes it impossible not to want to fall in love again. Their roller-coaster journey to finding love is a bumpy ride and fraught with complications but they both learn that respect, honesty and love can overcome any hurdle.

I hope you enjoy Matthew and Beth’s journey as much as I loved writing about these dedicated doctors who discover true love. 

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