An extract from A Marriage Fit For A Sinner

An extract from A Marriage Fit For A Sinner

If you thought the sparks were only happening outside this week, think again. They’re going off right here in this extract from A Marriage Fit for a Sinner by Maya Blake… 

“I haven’t told you how stunning you look.” Zaccheo leaned closer and replaced his thumb with his lips at the corner of her mouth.

Delicious flames warmed her blood. “Thank you.” Eva’s voice shook with the desire moving through her. More than anything, she was filled with the blind need to turn her head and meet his mouth with hers.

When his lips trailed to her jaw, then to the curve between her shoulder and neck, Eva let out a helpless moan, her heart racing with sudden, debilitating hunger.

His fingers linked hers and she found herself being led to the back of the plane. Eva couldn’t summon a protest. Nor could she remind herself that she needed to come clean, sooner rather than later.

The master bedroom was equally stunning. Gold leaf threaded a thick cream coverlet on a king-sized bed and plush carpeting absorbed their footsteps as he shut the door.

“I intend us to have two uninterrupted weeks on the island. Whatever’s on your mind can wait for a few more hours.” Again there was no bite to his words, leaving her lost as to this new side of the man she’d married. 

She stood, almost overpowered by the strength of her emotions, as he positioned himself behind her and slowly undid her buttons. The heavy dress pooled at her feet and she stood in only her white strapless bra, panties and the garter and sheer stocking set that had accompanied her dress.

A rough, tortured sound echoed around the room. “Stai mozzafiato,” Zaccheo muttered thickly. “You’re breathtaking,” he translated when she glanced at him.

A fierce blush flared up. Eyes darkening, he circled her, tracing her high colour with a barest tip of his forefinger. Her gaze dropped to the sensual line of his mouth and she bit her own lip as need drowned her.

She gasped, completely enthralled, as he dropped to his knees and reached for her garter belt, eyes locked on hers. He pulled it off and tucked it deep in his inner pocket. When he stood, the hunger on his face stopped her breath, anticipation sparking like fireworks through her veins.

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