Win a luxury boat trip on #TheRomantics Lady Lena

Looking for somewhere very special to propose? Here are 6 reasons why The Lady Lena boat trip could be just perfect. 

1) First impressions.

From the moment you set eyes on the beautiful and elegant Lady Lena, you know something very special is about to happen.

2) Peace and tranquility.

As she glides off with you and your loved one settled back in the cushions with a glass of champagne served in a crystal flute, you experience a sense of peace, tranquility and calm. 

3) Joy in your surroundings.

Immediately, you are surrounded by the green light of summer shining through banks lined with trees and wild flowers; the sound of  lapping water and birdsong; the sight of water birds with their young; cows peacefully grazing or maybe a heron or kingfisher. There’s always something to see not to mention life on the boats of others.

4) A feeling that this could go on for ever.

Time is endless on the water; there is nowhere to go in a hurry, just time to experience being together while your needs are catered for by a discrete crew.

5) Stepping back into the past.

Not only is the Lady Lena a historic boat from a by-gone Victorian world (it is in fact the oldest electric launch in the world) but the canal itself still holds secrets of a way of life before railways and roads which your crew can reveal for you.

6) Unique experience.

By the time you return from this enchanting trip, the two of you will have shared a unique experienced and made memories that last a lifetime. 

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