What we’re looking forward to this Pride Month 🌈📖❤️

What we’re looking forward to this Pride Month 🌈📖❤️

At Mills & Boon, we’re celebrating Pride Month the best way we know how…with feel-good romance, stories that inspire, and characters you instantly root for.

We are delighted to be publishing three brand-new LGBTQIA+ love stories in June and we also have some exciting content to share with our readers. Here’s what you can look forward to ⬇️


We Could Be So Good by Cat Sebastian

We Could be So Good follows Nick and Andy who form an unlikely friendship when working together at a newspaper in 1950s New York. Their friendship is so wholesome that we challenge you not to have a cheesy grin on your face at their supportive dialogue and the awkward-yet-endearing way they take a leap of faith jumping from friends to lovers.

Nick is the complete opposite to Andy. He has his life together and he’s practical (although some would say cynical). Andy does not have his life together in the slightest but always leads with kindness and follows every mishap (including a tie/filing cabinet incident) with infectious optimism.

Andy is the son of the newspaper mogul and Nick, who’s worked hard for his career, should resent Andy who’s he’s being pitted against. But he doesn’t even last a week despising him. Or a day… ‘About forty-five minutes to be exact.’

We Could be So Good is out on June 8th. Get your copy here.

Run Baby Run by Melissa Lenhardt

The road to happiness is full of surprises…

Run Baby Run follows a mother/daughter road trip across the US. Darcy doesn’t have the time for a road trip with her estranged mother, Marja. She has a hectic career, an upcoming wedding, but most importantly, she needs to figure out how she feels about a bombshell confession of love from her best friend – and her fiance’s sister – Chloe.

Enter Marja, who had a very good reason for not telling Darcy why she cut off contact, and an even better reason for keeping it from her now. She is keeping her safe…Until two flat tires in the middle of the night ends with FBI agents, a runaway dog, and Marja standing over the tow truck driver with a smoking gun.

What road trip ever did go according to plan?

Run Baby Run is a feel-good queer romantic comedy with Thelma and Louise vibes and a dog who barks whenever Darcy swears – which is a lot! It’s a book that’s messy, heartfelt and a breath of fresh air.

Run Baby Run is out on June 22nd. Get your copy here.

And read the first chapter here.

Twin Babies to Reunite Them by Ann McIntosh

Nurse McKenzie Bonham is back on her estranged wife’s doorstep with a double baby bombshell!

Facing a brutal custody battle over her unborn twines, McKenzie knows there’s just one person who can help – Dr Saana Ameri. Pretending their marriage is going strong is the only way Kenzie can guarantee she won’t lose her babies. But if she thinks convincing Saana will be the hardest part, she’s wrong. Because it’s much harder to resist making their reunion real!

Twin Babies to Reunite Them is now available to buy now on our website.


What else is coming up this month?

We have posted a free LGBTQIA+ romance by LaQuette. Seducing His Ex follows John who never though he’d see his first love Zion Martin again…but one seductive weekend may reignite old flames!