Welcome to 200 Harley Street by Scarlet Wilson

Welcome to 200 Harley Street by Scarlet Wilson

From the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the streets of London, our Medical miniseries is back! Available to buy now, Book 1 from 200 Harley Street features none other than Carol Marinelli AND Scarlet Wilson. We caught up with Scarlet to discuss the new series and what we can expect from the Harley Street heroes…

Over to Scarlet… 

For as long as I’ve been reading medical romances I’ve been a huge fan of the continuity series romances that have featured. I’ve held my breath and wept tears reading St Piran’s Hospital, Sydney Harbour Hospital, NYC Angels and Gold Coast Angels – and these are only the tip of the iceberg! 

You can imagine my delight at being asked to take part in the latest continuity series set in 200 Harley Street. It will come as no surprise that 200 Harley Street is a clinic that specialises in plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery. But please don’t think that our characters are shallow, oh no, these professionals don’t just work in celebrity clients, they also devote their expertise and energies to dealing with injured war heroes and civilian casualties of war. 200 Harley Street is a pretty special place to be!

All the characters in the series work in the Hunter Clinic at 200 Harley Street.

My book is number 2 in the series and it might surprise you to know that our editors ask for our input into the characters we’ll write about and their back story. My requests were simple. I wanted a rugged Scotsman. But, I wanted my rugged Scotsman to look like Sawyer from Lost. I also wanted my heroine to have experienced plastic surgery herself by having breast implants. 

It’s important to move with the times. In modern day, lots of young women have breast implants, and not all for superficial reasons. I wanted to reflect that in my story.

You’re still looking at my hero, aren’t you? Iain McKenzie is the sexiest man alive. He just doesn’t know it because he’s carrying an enormous burden of guilt because of his wife’s death.

Lexi Robbins is the daughter of celebrity parents who is working hard and trying to make a name for herself as Head of PR at Hunter Clinic. If the clinic wants to continue its charitable work and extend it further, they need to continue to keep their name in the spotlight. Iain McKenzie is more than a little reluctant to take part in anything other than his surgical work, but it’s Lexi’s job to persuade him!

Part of the fun of 200 Harley Street was working with the other authors involved – Carol Marinelli, Alison Roberts, Lynne Marshall, Kate Hardy, Annie Claydon, Louisa George and Amy Andrews. I’ve just checked our file – we sent over 200 emails to each other all about the series! The medical authors know how to talk!

The book covers for this series really capture the essence of London and give a real feel for the setting. I hope you’ll be persuaded to give 200 Harley Street a try and let us know what you think!


There are two books out this month (April publication) with another two in May, June and July. Enjoy!

You can read Book 1 from 200 Harley Street, featuring Scarlet’s fabulous Girl From the Red Carpet right here.
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