Want Me, Cowboy: An Exclusive Extract!

Want Me, Cowboy: An Exclusive Extract!

Who doesn’t love an irresistible Cowboy?

Want Me, Cowboy, Maisey Yates’s fantastic new book, is out now and we’ve treated you to an exclusive excerpt from Chapter One!

Poppy Sinclair kept her feelings for Isaiah Grayson secret for a decade. When her infuriating boss enlists her help in finding him a convenient wife, she threatens to quit. Until Isaiah counters with an interesting proposal: Why doesn’t she marry him?

Chapter One

November 1, 2018

Loation: Copper Ridge, Oregon


Rich rancher, not given to socializing. Wants a wife who will not try to change me. Must be tolerant of moods, reported lack of sensitivity and the tendency to take off for a few days’ time in the mountains. Will expect meals cooked. Also, probably a kid or two. Exact number to be negotiated. Beard is nonnegotiable.

November 5, 2018

Revised draft for approval by 11/6


Successful rancher searching for a wife who enjoys rural living. Wants a wife who will not try to change me. Though happy with my life, it has begun to feel lonely, and I would like someone to enhance my satisfaction with what I have already. I enjoy extended camping trips and prefer the mountains to a night on the town. I’m looking for a traditional family life, and a wife and children to share it with.

“This is awful.”

Poppy Sinclair looked up from her desk, her eyes colliding with her boss’s angry gray stare. He was holding a printout of the personal ad she’d revised for him and shaking it at her like she was a dog and it was a newspaper.

“The original was awful,” she responded curtly, turning her focus back to her computer.

“But it was all true.”

“Lead with being less of an asshole.”

“I am an asshole,” Isaiah said, clearly unconcerned with that fact.

He was at peace with himself. Which she admired on some level. Isaiah was Isaiah, and he made no apologies for that fact. But his attitude would be a problem if the man wanted to find a wife. Because very few other people were at peace with him just as he was.

“I would never say I want to—” he frowned “‘—enhance my enjoyment.’ What the hell, Poppy?”

Poppy had known Isaiah since she was eighteen years old. She was used to his moods. His complete lack of subtlety. His gruffness.

But somehow, she’d never managed to get used to him. As a man.

This grumpy, rough, bearded man who was like a brick wall. Or like one of those mountains he’d disappear into for days at a time.

Every time she saw him, it felt as if he’d stolen the air right from her lungs. It was more than just being handsome—though he was. A lot of men were handsome. His brother Joshua was handsome, and a whole lot easier to get along with.

Isaiah was…well, he was her very particular brand of catnip. He made everything in her sit up, purr…and want to be stroked.

Even when he was in full hermit mode.

People—and interacting with them—were decidedly not his thing. It was one reason Poppy had always been an asset to him in his work life. It was her job to sit and take notes during meetings…and report her read on the room to him after. He was a brilliant businessman, and fantastic with numbers. But people…not so much.

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