Virgin River: The Story So Far

Virgin River: The Story So Far

For those just catching up with Virgin River, the hit Netflix Original series based on the books written by Robyn Carr and published by Mills & Boon, or those needing a refresher, we have put down the ‘need to know’ stories from series 1 and 2…

Please note spoilers below!


Mel Monroe, a nurse practitioner from LA, turns up in Virgin River to work, but with secrets of her own – an unknown trauma relating to her ex-husband Mark. When she arrives however, the cabin she has let is run down and it becomes apparent Doc Mullins did not know she had been hired and does not want her there…(She probably shouldn’t have accidentally insulted him on arrival!)

However, just as Mel decides Virgin River is not the place for her she meets Jack Sheridan a former Marine-turned-bar owner, and then finds an abandoned baby on the surgery doorstep. Caring for the baby brings her into further conflict with the doctor, and town of Virgin River, but at the same time she grows ever closer to Jack.

By the end of the season it is revealed Mel’s husband had died in a car accident, leaving her struggling to deal with her grief, whilst also struggling with her growing feelings for Jack.

However, just as romance begins to blossom, Jack’s ex, Charmaine, announces she is pregnant with Jack’s child. To make matters worse in the love triangle, the town Mayor, Hope McCrea (and town busy body) accidentally reveals the news of Charmaine’s pregnancy to Mel! Despite Jack declaring he still wants to be with Mel, she finds the news difficult as she is unable to have children, and in the finale, Mel packs up her belongings and prepares to leave Virgin River…

But this was not the only blossoming romance in Season One as bakery truck owner Paige Lassiter and Jack’s right hand man Preacher fight their attraction. But Paige has a secret to hide, an abusive ex-husband she and her son are on the run from.

However, by the end of the season her ex-husband finds out where she lives and when Preacher goes on to check on Paige, she and Christopher are missing, and there’s blood in the house…

But life is not all love triangles in Virgin River as Dan Brady, an ex-Marine with Jack and Preacher, turns up to work at Jack’s Bar. Whilst Jack wants to give Brady a chance, Preacher does not trust him and rightly so when Brady is tempted to join forces with local crime boss Calvin…


Season 2 starts with Mel returning to Virgin River. Here she faces Jack and Charmaine, and the love triangle intensifies as Charmaine is desperate for Jack to fall in love with her and will try every trick in the book! It soon becomes apparent that Jack only has eyes for Mel, as she learns to let go of her past pain and move forward with Jack.

Paige’s situation becomes even more dangerous when her ex-husband, Wes, finds her and tries to forcibly get her to leave with him. Paige pushes Wes down the stairs and accidentally kills him. As Wes is a cop Paige knows she would never be able to win in court and so with the aid of Preacher leaves town whilst Preacher takes care of Wes’s body… But then Wes shows up at his bar! Until it is revealed it’s his identical twin brother, Vince out for revenge.

Doc finally proposes to Hope, but with secrets of his own he has yet to tell, more difficulties are ahead for these two…

After being fired from Jack’s, Brady starts working for Calvin. The money promised is enough to ensure he turns a blind eye to the illegal workings of the gang. That is until Calvin asks him to shoot Spencer, one of his men who has turned against him and speaking to Jack. One step too far for Brady, he pretends to shoot Spencer, and instead, helps him and his family leave town so that Spencer can testify against Calvin.

However, Calvin has warned Jack not to get involved in his business and in the season finale Mel finds Jack in the bar shot. Is Mel about to lose the second man she loves to tragedy…?

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