Virgin River: Meet the Characters

Virgin River: Meet the Characters

As we eagerly anticipate the return of Virgin River, with Season 3 premiering worldwide on Netflix on Friday 9th July, we’re taking a deeper look into the characters who have become household names!

New York Times bestselling author Robyn Carr wrote the Virgin River series, stories of love and new beginnings in a small Californian town, which have now been adapted into a major Netflix Original Series.

There are twenty books in the Virgin River series, and together they have sold more than 13 million copies, making their way onto HarperCollins’ list of the top 200 most influential books.

The Netflix series perfectly encapsulates the endearing characters of Robyn’s books – let’s take a look at who they are…


Mel Monroe

Nine months after losing her doctor husband Mark in LA, Mel is burned out and needs a change of pace. A certified nurse practitioner and midwife, Mel answers an ad to assist the local doctor in Virgin River.

She moves to Virgin River in search of a fresh start but gets so much more than she bargained for.

Mel is level-headed, loyal and kind. As the series progresses, we become much more aware of the loss Mel has gone through and her strength of character.

Jack Sheridan

Jack is a retired, decorated Marine who now owns Jack’s Bar in Virgin River, the center of social life in the town. He quietly battles PTSD while trying to win Mel’s heart.

A fierce protector of what he loves, including his home – Jack has no problem wading in to save the day, even from the dangerous gang who live nearby.

Things get complicated when he finds out his ex-girlfriend Charmaine is pregnant. But that ultimately can’t stop the sizzling chemistry between him and Mel and viewers were delighted when they *finally* shared their first kiss in Season 1!

Doc Mullins

The surly Vernon ‘Doc’ Mullins is Virgin River’s grumpy 70-year-old doctor who has a difficult time accepting Mel’s help when she first arrives in town.

But over the course of the series, it is Doc who (often begrudgingly) offers the people of the town the best advice. We’re left rooting for a reconciliation between Doc and Hope and can’t wait to see more of the couple in Season 3.

Hope McCrae

Meddling town mayor Hope always has people’s best interests at heart, but her tendency to gossip often complicates situations.

But she is as loveable as she is interfering and we can’t forget that it was Hope who first brought Mel to Virgin River, placing the ad for a nurse practitioner on behalf of her estranged husband Doc.

John ‘Preacher’ Middleton

Jack’s Marine buddy and chef at Jack’s Bar. He is as tender as he is strong and like Jack (and everyone one else in Virgin River) he is always there to lend a helping hand.

Preacher grows closer to Paige and is the only one who looks closely enough to uncover the mystery of her secret past.

Dan Brady

Another of Jack’s Marine friends, Brady has a hard time returning to home soil. He often stirs up trouble in the town, despite Jack’s best efforts to keep him on the right path.

Will we see a redemption arc for Brady in Season 3?

Charmaine Roberts

Charmaine loves to stir up drama and perhaps offers one of the most dramatic plotlines as Jack’s ex-girlfriend who reveals she is pregnant with their twins! Wanting to win back Jack (who is delighted to be a father), Charmaine disrupts Mel and Jack’s burgeoning relationship.

Paige Lassiter

The show often cuts to mouth-watering scenes where mysterious baker Paige lays out a spread of delicious pastries and cakes. Her food truck is definitely the place we’d go to start our day in Virgin River.

But there’s more than meets the eye with Paige and her adorable young son Christopher. On the run from her abusive husband, Paige and Christopher find shelter and protection in Virgin River and particularly Preacher.

Joey Barnes

As protective older sister to Mel, Joey Cooper tries to keep Mel’s best interests at heart while navigating her own marital struggles. Joey is often the character with the most relatable lines and urges Mel to have fun and move forward with her life.


Lilly’s life takes a shocking turn when Mel discovers that the baby abandoned on the Doctor’s doorstep is hers! Mel helps Lilly find her feet again after experiencing post-natal depression.


Mark only appears in flashbacks as Mel’s husband, before the tragic accident that cost him his life. These flashbacks often show their marital bliss and provide further insight into the pain Mel is experiencing when she moves to Virgin River.


Teenager Ricky looks up to Jack and works alongside him in his bar and fixing up Mel’s cabin. We have no doubt that every single reader and viewer are rooting for Ricky when Lizzie arrives in town and Ricky’s attention is diverted to her.

Like most other characters, Ricky’s good heart and intentions shine through.


The first book in the series, Mel and Jack’s story, is out now in paperback. Buy it here!

Book 2, Preacher and Paige’s story! Shelter Mountain

Book 3: Whispering Rock

Book 4: A Virgin River Christmas

Book 5: Second Chance Pass

Book 6: Temptation Ridge

Book 7: Paradise Valley

Book 8: Under the Christmas Tree

Book 9: Forbidden Falls

Book 10: Angel’s Peak

Book 11: Moonlight Road

Book 12: Midnight Confessions

Book 13: Promise Canyon

Book 14: Wild Man Creek

Book 15: Harvest Moon

Book 16: Bring Me Home for Christmas

Book 17: Hidden Summit

Book 18: Redwood Bend

Book 19: Sunrise Point

Book 20: My Kind of Christmas

And don’t forget to pick up the latest book in the Virgin River series, Return to Virgin River!