Thrills & Swoon – The Wonder of Medicine

Thrills & Swoon – The Wonder of Medicine

What with much of the Mills & Boon community currently buzzing over the result of #24HoursinMandB, I took a look at my kindle (424 M&B books and counting) and picked out some of my favourite Medical novels to reread.

The wonder of medicine never fails to amaze me, with its ability to help so many, and the love that accompanies it here has similarly restorative powers…

Mills & Boon’s latest Medical series – 200 Harley Street – is billed as being full of “glamour, intensity and desire – the lives and loves of London’s hottest team of surgeons” and Leo Hunter is no different.

Carol Marinelli’s Surgeon in a Tux finds himself inextricably drawn to his new head nurse Lizzie who – as well as being a million miles away from the glamorous women he’s used to seeing – seems completely resistant to his charms. For the first time, Leo finds himself drawn to this enigmatic woman in a ways that he just can’t fathom…

From the hustle and bustle of London to the beaches of Australia and its’ Gold Coast Angels

Andrews is well-known for her strong, sassy women and Dr Callie Richards is no exception. So when she ends up bidding on a date with Dr Cade Coleman, to save him from the predators of the hospital, she was hardly expecting a night of passion.

Cade’s determined that it should just remain one night, but Callie’s so utterly delicious that he’s going to need lessons in How to Resist Temptation.

Every now and again I come across a book that melts my heart so utterly completely. The Honourable Army Doc is one such novel. Daniel’s ex wife has been raising his twin daughters, but now she’s been diagnosed with a brain tumour and has very little time to live.

Having been away with the military, he has to learn how to be a father and fast. So when he meets Dr Ali Jansson, it couldn’t have come at a worse possible time…

Warning: this will make you cry.

Tracy and Ben have history. Lots of history. Heartbreaking history which they can’t help but blame the other for.

But when a disaster hits the tight-knit Brazilian community where Tracy works, she knows that Her Hard to Resist Husband is the only one who can help her and the villagers.

Beckett balances the romantic elements of the novel with the detailed healthcare information carefully and I love the fact that Tracy’s love for her job is never compromised.

Doctors and rugby?! What’s not to love about The Last Doctor She Should Ever Date? Dani Danatello’s family are unbearably overbearing and live life in the media’s eye – the last thing she wants since changing her lifestyle five years ago.

But when her father needs a physiotherapist to come work with his rugby team for a season, she can’t say no – especially after the bad press she brought him in her partygirl days. Thank goodness for Zac Price, the team doctor, the only person who seems to understand…

In Risk of a Lifetime, Dr Ed Shackleton has the Huntington’s Disease gene, so he’s ruled out love as a possibility. There’s no way that he’d inflict that on children of his own. But when he moves home so he can help his grandmother with his ailing grandfather, he meets Dr Annie Brooks – a single mother with twin girls – and he can’t deny his attraction to her.

Soon their no-strings affair turns into something more, but how can Annie persuade Ed that he could be a part of a family of their own?

What are your favourite Medical titles?