#TheRomantics Hero gets married tomorrow!

#TheRomantics Hero gets married tomorrow!

Congratulations to Daniel and Sasha who are getting married tomorrow. Daniel, nominated by his fiancé Sasha, won the Most Romantic Hero in The Mills and Boon Romantics Awards 2015. 

Why Dan Is My Romantic Hero…

Fairytales teach us that we have to kiss a lot of frogs before our Prince Charming finds us and whisks us away… but rarely do such stories come true in real life as they have for me!

My fiancé knew that, having escaped an abusive relationship and also having been seriously ill, I took achieving my ‘Bucket List’ ambitions really seriously – I have learnt that life is so short and valuable!

Daniel and SashaHe decided that he wanted to make me understand just how much he loves me and so he spent ages secretly researching my life goals (using Pinterest and other social media); finding out what I wanted to do most and how to achieve it. Planning this meticulous required phone calls to airports and embassies about Visas and vaccines – this might sound more practical than romantic, but it ensured a hassle-free getaway!

As a result of all this effort, he managed organised a surprise trip for 10 days to Peru over our 2 year anniversary and Valentine’s Day (which is also his birthday – see, he was destined to be romantic!). He told me he had to go away for business somewhere near Luton and asked me to go with him for company… and it wasn’t until we parked at the airport that I realised that something was amiss!

Peru turned out to be the trip of a lifetime and included beaches, deserts, Amazon jungle and my ultimate ‘Bucket List’ achievement – visiting Machu Picchu!

Engagement ringWhile in Machu Picchu, as the clouds descended around us and we looked out over the breath-taking ruins, he said to me “I think this proves that I would travel to the ends of the Earth for you” and got down on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring that he’d been saving up for all year! Suffice it to say, I said yes!” 

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