The Pups That Make Miracles quartet is here!

The Pups That Make Miracles quartet is here!

We caught up with authors Susan Carlisle, Annie Claydon, Annie O’Neil and Karin Baine to talk about their new quartet Pups That Make Miracles. Read on to find out more about why fans of Scottish heroes, medical romance and adorable puppies are sure to fall in love with this fantastic series.


It is always a pleasure when you find a group of people you “click” with. That is just what it was like for me to work with Annie C, Annie O’ and Karin on the Pups That Make Miracles series. The by-product of our collaboration is that we have become closer friends. Something I treasure. I have to admit that I had more than a little trepidation when we decided that my book should go first. I didn’t want to let them down. Thankfully my Scottish doc, Lyle, and my American rescue dog handler, Cass made it an easy story to write.

Susan Carlisle

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Annie O, Susan and Karin are the very best people to share an island with, and I jumped at the chance to help create a Scottish castle and a whole gang of adorable pups with them.  My story starts as Flora, a physiotherapist at the Heatherglen Castle Clinic, takes her turn in looking after Dougal, the puppy whose search for a new home runs through all four of our books.  When Dougal makes friends with Kari, the assistance dog that vet Aksel Olson has brought from Norway for his daughter Mette, sparks begin to fly between Aksel and Flora. My favourite part of the castle is the maze, but Flora might disagree – her new favourite thing is the ice unicorn that Aksel sculpts for her!

Annie Claydon

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Working with Susan, Annie C and Karin on the Maple Island Series (Hot Single Docs) was SUCH a delight, that when Susan proposed we write another quartet together, we all leapt at the chance. We started by assembling our magic pile of dream ingredients: Scotland, a gorgeous brooding laird, dogs (and lots of them), a castle (Natch. You can’t go to the Highlands without a castle!) and, of course four sets of fabulous heroes and heroines who well and truly deserve their happily ever afters all in that magical period in the lead up to Christmas and the New Year – or in Scotland’s case, Hogmanay. Karin has been to Scotland recently, so I’m sure she’ll want to tell you all about her special love for a man who can roll his Rs as well as he can throw a caber. I was particularly in love with the ice skating rink outside of the castle as I once harboured a dream to be an Olympic skater despite the fact I didn’t know how to skate!

Annie O’Neil

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Christmas in Scotland with puppies! Thankfully we were all on board with the same ideas when it came to our new collaboration and Annie O, Annie C and Susan make working together so much fun. Thanks to my obsession with the show, Outlander, I’ve had several trips to Scotland this year and was able to let my imagination run away with me. I bagsied the brooding Laird, Charles, to go with my castle fantasy, and reunited him with Harriet, the woman he’s been brooding over for years. He pushed her away when family duty called him back to Heatherglen but one last night together brings her back into his life in a way he could never have imagined. With lots of family drama, a mischievous puppy and a Hogmanay party for the friends and staff at Heatherglen you just know the New Year is going to start with a bang!

Karin Baine

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