The name’s Boon. Mills and Boon: Our top Bond-style books

The name’s Boon. Mills and Boon: Our top Bond-style books

With Spectre released today we’ve gone all James Bond over here. And oh, the puns. From Bond to Bondage. Sheikh’n and Stirred. 007 Heaven… it’s truly terrible, what we could have inflicted upon you. Rather than make you all suffer, we thought the best thing to do would be to recommend some of our very best Bond-style books. Here you’ll find love, passion, femme fatales, heroes and villains and maybe the occasional martini. The name’s Boon. Mills and Boon. (Sorry).

Marriage fit for a sinner

‘Now, il mio angelo, I make you mine.’

Billionaire Zaccheo Giordano walks out of prison with one thing on his mind – revenge on the treacherous Pennington family who put him there. And he’ll start with his ex-fiancée Eva Pennington. 

When Zaccheo demands she wear his ring again, to save her family from his wrath, Eva has to agree. At least a marriage in name only means she won’t have to reveal the painful truth that she’s infertile. Until Zaccheo makes it clear that their marriage will be real in every sense… including giving him an heir… 

Seducing his Enemy’s daughter

Just A Pawn In Salazar’s Game?

Donato Salazar can’t forget his tragic past and he has no intention of forgiving the man responsible. Jilting his enemy’s daughter will be the icing on the cake of his revenge, and beautiful Ella Sanderson is certainly sweet enough. Except Ella isn’t the vacuous socialite he expected, and she refuses to marry him! Her rebelliousness only makes Donato want her more, so he’ll have to persuade her…touch by breathtaking touch. But soon Donato finds himself enthralled by their magnetic connection. As their fake wedding day approaches one question weighs heavily on Donato’s mind: will he love, honour…and betray?

Ruthless Millionaire

With three books in one, this is an all-out love affair.

An Offer She Can’t Refuse

Tina Savalas is nothing like Greek magnate Ari Zavros’s usual playmates, but this sweet innocent has the one thing he wants: his heir! Now, Ari can see only one solution… and marriage into the Zavros family isn’t a choice – it’s a command!

One Night in His Bed

Penniless and widowed, Sienna has caught the eye of the one man who can save her – Italian tycoon Garett Lazlo. He offers Sienna a ruthless deal: he will help her, but she must play by his rules – by giving herself to him totally for one night of passion…

When Only Diamonds Will Do

The Theron dynasty once looked down at Reith Richardson – but now they need his help. In exchange, Reith demands Kimberley Theron as his wife. Yet Kim is no pampered princess…and the role of obedient wife isn’t one she’s prepared to play!


Highly Unsuitable

Three more here to swoon over…

Mr and Mischief

Beautiful, clever, rich – and single – Emily Wood is the youngest ever head of HR at her company. Whether dousing corporate fires or matchmaking lonely colleagues, Emily’s at the top of her game. Only her handsome, sardonic boss, Jason Kingsley, remains immune to her charm…

The Darkest of Secrets

When Grace Turner arrives at Khalis Tannous’s private Mediterranean island to view his family’s art collection, he isn’t blind to her beauty. Yet he recognises she has her secrets. Grace is helpless to resist Khalis’s slow, ruthless seduction. But will she risk everything for a night in his bed?

The Undoing of de Luca

His housekeeper is the last woman you’d expect to find on world-renowned playboy Larenz de Luca’s ‘To Bed’ list. There’s no way a stallion like him would be interested in a plain-Jane like her… So why does Larenz find himself risking his cool and dropping his guard to spend the night with her?

Resisting the Sicilian Playboy

Leo Valente is as notorious as the tabloids make him out to be. But feisty wedding planner Dara Devlin isn’t deterred. She needs his family castle for her top client, so she boldly accepts Leo’s outrageous challenge to be his fake girlfriend! If Dara thinks her sensible suit and unwavering professionalism will discourage him, she’s mistaken. They only make Leo want to get beneath her buttoned-up exterior all the more!

Surrounded by the imposing walls and haunting memories of his opulent Sicilian castello, Leo finds seducing Dara is the perfect diversion—and claiming her will be this playboy’s ultimate prize.

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