The Greek’s Christmas Bride

Our Modern team are here to get you into the Christmas spirit with Lynne Graham’s latest book, The Greek’s Christmas Bride

Readers, it’s cold outside! Snow is falling, and the wind is blowing. But inside a fire is crackling in the grate, the kettle’s just boiled… and there’s a gorgeous Greek tycoon waiting for you!

This December, Mills & Boon Modern Romance brings you a tale of heated passion and inescapable desire! The Greek’s Christmas Bride by Lynne Graham is the story of cynical billionaire Apollo Metraxis and innocent – yet undeniably feisty – Pixie Robinson. Christmas might be the time for giving – but Apollo is thinking only of what he can take!

Last month, you might’ve read the first part of Lynne’s Christmas with a Tycoon duet. In The Italian’s Christmas Child, we met Apollo’s best friend Vito and Pixie’s best friend Holly. But at Holly and Vito’s wedding, Pixie and Apollo were introduced – and their reaction to each other was explosive!

When Apollo Metraxis discovers that inheriting his father’s estate depends on marriage and a baby, he’s livid. This ruthless Greek has sworn never to take a bride – but it seems he has no choice!

When Vito suggests Pixie Robinson, who is in desperate need of funds, Apollo is astounded.  She couldn’t be a worse choice for his wife: unpolished, with an undesirable background, and a complete refusal to bow to his commands. But her precarious situation leaves her defenceless to his proposal!

Their wedding night exposes Pixie’s untouched vulnerability. Apollo thought he could use her for his own purposes, but she strikes a chord in the dark reaches of his heart. He can’t deny that there is something more than a business exchange between them…

And then Pixie’s pregnancy comes to light … she’s carrying his twins!

The Modern Romance team were still in frenzies of excitement over Lynne’s 100th book in June when The Greek’s Christmas Bride landed on our desks – and our imaginations seized on Apollo! We knew from the first page that this was a unique love story, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you. Apollo is the ultimate Modern hero, an absolute alpha: commanding, powerful, arrogant, and very, very Greek! And Pixie’s no shrinking violet. Physically and emotionally, she challenges all his expectations, forcing him to see the cynical world he thinks he knows with new eyes.

Between Apollo’s yacht in the Mediterranean and London at Christmastime – with Pixie’s terrier Hector brought along for the ride! – these two learn how to love. It’s everything we know you want at this time of the year: the escapism of a blissful Greek summer, an unimaginably intense love affair that’ll turn up the temperature wherever you are, before returning home to a festive happily ever after!

We hope you enjoy this particularly festive romance as much as we have, and that you have a wonderful time with your loved ones this Christmas.

Merry Christmas,

The Modern Romance Team

Flo, Nic, & Grace