The First Kiss is the Deepest… or is it?

The First Kiss is the Deepest… or is it?

Here at Paradise Heights, we have been reminiscing about our first kisses in honour of International Kissing Day this Sunday 6th July. Most of the stories we’ve shared involve a whole lot of saliva and bad technique, but we all feel, like a good wine or a homemade curry, we’ve thankfully improved with age.

The average age for the first kiss among the team was 14 -if only our mothers knew!  And there was a distinct lack of willingness among the male staff to share their first snog details. Hmmm… we wonder why?

Our favourite staff first kiss memories include:

  • “Mine was with a long haired blond German guy at a rock concert when I was on a German exchange trip when I was 14. It made me overtly aware of how much saliva can exist in one’s mouth but he was very sweet. He wrote to me when I got home but then I ditched him because kisses aren’t as exciting from a penpal!”

  • “As I was about to FINALLY kiss the boy of my dreams, he paused, mere centimetres from my face, and asked me what my surname was. (It’s Veal!) He then laughed hysterically at my answer, almost ruining the moment.”

  • “I was 14, and he was my first boyfriend. He took me for a walk along the river, then stopped suddenly and grabbed hold of me. I didn’t know what to do, till he leaned in, and I pecked him politely on the lips. “You’re supposed to open your mouth,” he said in disgust.”

  • “My first kiss was in Bulgaria on a school skiing trip as a result of some teenage game. He was younger than me, shorter than me, but really sweet in a David Cassidy way! It was better than my skiing!”

  • “Mine was at the bus stop, aged 11, wearing a very unfortunate fluffy leopard print hat (me, not him).”

  • “My first snog was with a boy called Warren which I remember because he had slightly buck teeth and looked vaguely like a rabbit so his name made me laugh.”

Please send us your First Kiss stories in one or two sentences and we’ll feature the best on our social media and put those featured into a lucky dip to win a pile of summer reading books!  

So come on, #kissandtell to win!