The Destination Brides quartet is here!

The Destination Brides quartet is here!

We caught up with authors Donna Alward, Nina Singh, Barbara Wallace and Liz Fielding, to talk about the inspiration behind their Destination Brides quartet, featuring everything you’d want from a gorgeous summer romance: exotic locations, culture and finding the love of your life!

When I started thinking about destinations for SUMMER ESCAPE WITH THE TYCOON, my mind went to exotic places…and then I realized I didn’t have to go further than my home country! Canada has some amazing adventures and I immediately thought of Vancouver Island and sea kayaking, zip lining, hiking through the rainforest… I’m an outdoor girl, so those appealed to me, as well as putting my characters out of their comfort zone. Don’t worry, there’s still lots of luxury! Delicious wineries, hotels that cater to every need, private plane tours…Molly and Eric get to see it all. And fall in love. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Donna Alward

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When the opportunity arose to write for the Destination Brides quartet with three other amazing Harlequin Romance authors, I had no doubt where I wanted the story to take place. I’d visited Venice years ago and for me it was the trip of a lifetime. The feeling of wonder I experienced there has stayed with me. The culture, the art, the people all left a lasting impression. I knew I wanted to write about a heroine who experienced all that wonder for herself. Maya Talbot thinks she’s traveling to Venice to admire the Italian Renaissance art she’s always been so interested in while she nurses a broken heart. Along the way, she somehow finds the love of her life.

Nina Singh

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It took me less than a minute to select my Bucket List destination.  In fact, I’m pretty sure I announced my destination before anyone else had a chance!  Maybe it’s because I’m a New Englander like my heroine, Jenna Brown, but I couldn’t think of anything more romantic and other worldly than a castle overlooking the lavender fields of Provence.  Miles upon miles of purple flowers, their floral scent greeting you the moment you opened your window.  And the history! All those gorgeous Roman ruins just waiting to be explored. It’s no coincidence Philippe d’Usay is a amateur historian.  His passion gave me a chance to visit the Pont du Gard and Nimes, if only vicariously.

Barbara Wallace

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When I thought about where I would send my heroine for her life changing moment for the Destination Brides series, it had to be a luxurious safari adventure in Africa. The romance of the endless horizon, the scent of hot earth, the shimmering heat haze combined with wonder of the animals, birds, insects made it the perfect location for Eve’s life changing adventure and an ideal contrast with her home on the picture perfect island of Nantucket.

Liz Fielding

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