The Best Way to Beat the Summer Blues

The Best Way to Beat the Summer Blues

As we enter autumn, our wonderful writers have shared with us some of their top tips for beating the end of summer blues. Keep your chin up and read on for some helpful words of advice…


  • I do feel sad when summer ends, nights start to draw in and the mornings get darker. But being outdoors as much as possible, enjoying the fresher feel to the air, watching the gradually changing colours of trees, kicking through fallen leaves… all these help me beat the post-summer holiday blues – Janice Preston


  • My 9.30am Monday morning Clubbersize class is AMAZING for this! Glitter balls, glow sticks and a fabulous group of women dancing, laughing, sweating and having a truly glorious time! – Pippa Roscoe


  • From gathering blackberries or even just fallen leaves to jumping in puddles to watching clouds skitter past — find a reason to get outdoors and enjoy nature for at least 5 minutes every day for 30 days – Michelle Styles


  • As the weather changes, I notice the different smell in the air. A crispness that isn’t there during the summer heat. I like to have the windows open when I’m writing, instead of the constant on/off of the air conditioner! – Andrea Bolter


  • In the Pacific Northwest, we have the Western Washington Fair, 10th largest fair in the U.S. which begins the first weekend of September and runs the entire month. The Fair is 5 minutes from my house. So, we beat the blues eating Fisher Fair Scones, Elephant Ears, Karmel Corn, and Fair onion burgers while playing games on the Midway, going to concerts in the Grandstand, Fireworks at 10:00 every night, and in general, having a month long party to welcome fall! – Bronwyn Scott


  • With summer sliding away, dining outdoors gives a chance to savor the change of seasons. Whether it’s a simply a hot dog, a restaurant with open air seating, or a chilly picnic in a park, having alfresco meals in varied places makes life feel more adventurous – Liz Tyner


  • Reach out to your friends, in person. I find making a standing once a week chat session date with friends gives me something to look forward to and helps keep my outlook sunny, even when fall brings cloudy skies and lots of rain – Lucy Monroe