Tara Pammi talks The Legendary Conti Brothers

Tara Pammi talks The Legendary Conti Brothers

We’re thrilled to welcome the wonderful Tara Pammi to talk about writing two very different heroes in her sizzling new duet, The Legendary Conti Brothers. Both The Suprise Conti Child and The Unwanted Conti Bride are available now! 

The starting scene for The Surprise Conti Child came to my head so vividly that I couldn’t wait to write it.

The heroine Alexis travels to Italy to tell the hero Leandro that their one night stand seven years ago resulted in a daughter. And just like that, the Legendary Conti Brothers were born.

No one could believe that Leandro had had a night stand month after his beloved wife’s death, especially because Leandro had the reputation of being the Conti Saint, the responsible, dutiful, emotion-free brother who always did the right thing by his family.

The more Leandro formed in my mind – all the things he’d given up or never known because he’d been forced into adulthood because of his parents, the more Luca Conti evolved, a complete opposite to his brother.

I love sibling relationships, and here were two brothers – diametrically opposite from each other, and yet shared an inviolate bond with each other.

Even at an early age, Luca discovers he’s inherited his father’s form, learns the destruction it could wreak, and cultivates a playboy, ne’er do well persona to keep that darkness at bay.

And so the Conti Devil was born.

Where Leandro is the embodiment of self –control, Luca gives into every emotional impulse. Until they both meet the women who bring them to their knees.

Alexis sees past the stark, forbidding quality of Leandro and Sophia smashes Luca’s playboy persona through to the darkness he thinks he has to hide.

I adored writing about the Conti Saint and the Conti Devil.

Usually it’s the silent, arrogant types like Leandro that get to me, but I have to say it was the devilish Luca Conti that made me fall a little bit in love with him.


How about you, readers – do you prefer the man that will stand by you no matter what, arranging your life for you because he loves you so much, or the man who will stand by you with a wicked smile while he strips you to the core and brings the best woman in you out?