#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Tina Beckett

Hot Doc from her Past
Tina Beckett

Hot Doc from Her PastKissing her…or anything else was sheer madness.

Yes, it was. The madness of a single summer night.

The words whispered through his skull, a terrible litany that demanded to be heard. Demanded an answer.

Kiss her.

The urge he’d had at the restaurant was back. Stronger than ever.

As if sensing his thoughts, Tessa turned her face toward him, and her eyes widened. Damn. She always had been able to read him.

And since she could…

He moved a step closer, waiting to see if she’d back away from him. She didn’t. So his fingers went to her face, tracing across her right cheekbone, her skin warm and soft, just like it always used to be. He couldn’t remember feeling anything softer.

“Hey.” Why he’d said that particular word, he had no idea, except it had always been a kind of signal between them. And it had almost always been followed by a meeting of their lips.

Right on cue, hers curved up at the edges. “Hey, yourself.”

That was all it took. His hand went to her nape and drew her closer. It wouldn’t be the first time people in the park had seen couples kissing—or more.

And as much as he wanted to just plaster his mouth over hers and grab at everything she’d let him take, he didn’t. Instead, he barely touched her. Just a gentle press and release. When her hands went to his shoulders, he repeated the move, his fingers sliding into the hair at the base of her skull as their lips met again. Parted.

As if protesting his teasing, her teeth nipped his bottom lip, sharp enough to sting.

Okay, honey, don’t say I didn’t try to resist…

This time, when his mouth met hers, all hesitation was gone, and he let her feel the frustration and desire he’d been fighting for the last week. Out it came, spilling over him in a torrent, making him crush her to him as he continued to deepen the kiss.

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