#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Tara Pammi

#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Tara Pammi

A Hint of Scandal
Tara Pammi

A Hint of ScandalLiv gripped the counter behind her. “I can’t go anywhere with you. We hate each other, remember?”

Alexander laughed. The rippling sound of it surrounded her in overwhelming waves.

“Yes, but not as much as I hate being front-page fodder for trashy tabloids.”

“This isn’t funny.” She moved away from the intoxicating scent of the dratted man. “I have to do a pitch for our agency in two weeks. I can’t miss it.”

“Still playing at being the hardworking career woman? Give it up, Olivia. You don’t have it in you.”

She pushed out the fury scratching at her throat and steadied herself. “It’s your honeymoon, Alexander. No one will know you’re by yourself unless you advertise it.”

His fingers gripped her arm and turned her around. His gaze was frantic in its search of hers. “You truly live in your own world, don’t you?” Bitterness laced his every word. “The press hounds me wherever I go, whatever I do, and I refuse to throw even a morsel of scandal their way. If you’re not going to tell me the truth, you’re damn well going to stick with me until Kim’s back.”

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