#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Michelle Willingham

#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Michelle Willingham

Tempted by the Highland Warrior
Michelle Willingham


Tempted by the Highland WarriorInstead of bringing her back up to stand before him, Callum bent down to her lips. From the upside-down position, her mouth tantalised him, her cool lips surrendering. Whether she knew it or not, her plea fired the desires he’d tried to hold back. At the sight of her slender body, revealed to him through the thin white linen, it was a good thing he was standing in cold water. The curve and dusky tint of her breasts aroused him like hot oil upon fire.


He kissed her gently, then slid his tongue across the opening of her mouth.


Marguerite couldn’t stop her intake of breath, and when her mouth parted, he invaded her with his tongue. The sensation turned her soft in his arms, her hands reaching for him. He held her in the water, and the kiss became the prelude of every way he wanted to know her.


Her tongue slid against his in a caress, and he took her deeper, letting the kiss turn hotter. He burned for her, body and soul. The water lapped against her skin the way he wanted to touch every inch of her. She reached up to his neck, holding on for balance while her eyes closed.


I want to be on top of you, your skin beneath mine.


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