#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Michelle Smart

The Perfect Cazorla Wife
Michelle Smart

The Perfect Cazorla Wifw‘I hate you.’

‘I know.’ Raul dipped his head and nipped her earlobe. ‘Imagine how incredible it will be…all that hate fuelling all that lust.’

Sensation filled Charley, every crevice of her coming alive at his touch, and at the whisper of his breath on her skin.

Two years without this…

Somehow she managed to pull her hands free from his grasp, fully intending to use them as weapons to push him off. Instead, working of their own accord, they hooked around his neck to pull him in for her hungry lips to connect with his. She had no sane comprehension of what she was doing. Instinct was taking over to seize what her body so desperately wanted.

In that instant any sort of rationality dissolved from her mind.

In a mesh of lips and tongues they came together, devouring each other, her fingers digging into his scalp, one of his hands sweeping up her back and nestling into her hair, clasping her head tightly.

His taste filled her and his warm breath merged with her own, sending deeper darts of need into her. Every part of her was aching for his touch, his kiss, his caress…

What to find out what happens next? 

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