#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Louise Allen

#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract – Louise Allen

Unlacing Lady Thea
Louise Allen

Unlacing Lady TheaShe should move. She should slap his hand away. This was broad daylight on a public highway, for goodness’ sake! His hand felt wonderful. Sure, confident, skilled in administering this focused sensual torture.

‘I am thinking how I would like to caress you when we are naked in bed again,’ Rhys said. She shot him a startled glance, but he was turned towards the window on his side. To anyone looking in they would appear detached, conversing lightly on matters of no importance.

‘I will start with your toes, I think.’ He sounded thoughtful. Her toes curled in the tight little nankeen boots she wore. ‘Then I will kiss all the way up to the back of your knees. I wonder if you are ticklish there. Are you, Thea?’

‘I do not know,’ she managed to gasp. His fingers were brushing high to the junction of her thighs now. She pressed them together and somehow that only made the heat and the throbbing worse.

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