#SummerSizzler Saucy Extract

Resisting Her Rebel Hero
Lucy Ryder

Resisting Her Rebel HeroBefore she could do more than squeak out a protest, he’d spun her around and pushed her up against the wall and the heat became a liquid fire in her blood.

She saw his lips moving but heard nothing past the rush of blood filling her ears. Her palms tingled, her body tensed in anticipation and time slowed as his head dipped. Then his mouth was closing over hers and everything…everything…sound, heat, sensation…was rushing at her like she’d entered a time warp and was speeding towards something destructive…and wildly exhilarating.

Shock was her first reaction, her second was “Hmmf…” When she realized her palms were flat against his hard belly, she tried to shove him away. She didn’t want this. It was too much, too little and…God…too everything. Instinctively she knew that if she let him continue, he’d suck her into his force-field and she’d burn up in the impact. But then he lifted his head and his battered lips brushed across hers, soothingly and so sweetly, and her resistance crumbled.

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