#SummerSizzler Author Q&A – Annie O’Neil

Author Annie O’Neil takes our #SummerSizzler Q&A!

What’s your #SummerSizzler?
It’s almost impossible to nail down my single favourite #SummerSizzler – but I would say playing in a mountain river knowing there’s a fire with s’mores, a pitcher of margaritas and a pack of friends nearby really gets me happy!

Do you write more racy books in the summer?
I actually write more racy books in the winter whilst dreaming of languid summer nights! Heat and Annie were never the best of friends so I am in training to enjoy warm lovely weather more than I do. Although – being languid with a stack of books and the aforementioned margarita makes me smile, too! Anyone got a hammock?

How do you get your inspiration for your stories?
My head is stuffed with story ideas, but I love brainstorming with friends, family and readers. It’s amazing what can come from a sentence begininng: What if…

Who is the hottest character you’ve created and why?
The Firefighter to Heal Her HeartThe hottest character I have created so far, methinks, is Jack Keller from The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart. He has one of those lanky bodies that moves all fluid and slow and meaningful and has an Aussie drawl and…mmmmm!….I’m getting all hot and bothered just thinking about him. He’s definitely ranking up there in the luscious department!

Who would you love to be a model on your book?
I am a huuuuuuge Timothy Olyphant fan. If he wanted to hang out on the cover of any of my books ever, even for a second, I’d be happy as a happy thing could be (and that’s happy!).

Annie O’Neil is the author of The Surgeon’s Christmas Wish and The Firefighter to Heal Her Heart. Her new book, Doctor….to Duchess?,  is available on the Mills & Boon website now and from all retailers in August. www.annieoneilbooks.com

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