#SummerSizzler Author Post – Susan Carlisle

Letter from America!

Hi ya’ll.

I’m Susan Carlisle and I write Medical Romance. I live in Georgia in the US in the area called the Deep South. Our summers are hot, slow and humid. For me this is the time of year for weddings, celebrating my country’s independence and going to conferences.

This year I started the warm months with a wedding. My oldest son married a lovely redhead. The ceremony took place under a white gazebo surrounded by plants and trees. I have two-year-old twin grandchildren and I made their clothes for the event. The little girl’s white dress was smocked blue to match the bridesmaids’ dresses. The boy sported a bowtie. They almost outshined the bride and groom! I love to dance and I always wanted my son to dance with me to Chubby Checker’s The Twist when he was growing up so he picked that for our mother/son dance. We were a hit!

After a few weeks to recover from that big event our family partied on the 4th of July. My mother has a place on the lake where we congregated, some of us for the week, others for a few days and then a number of people join us just for the day. There can be as many as fifty people by the time everyone arrives. More than once we have cooked a whole pig in the ground like they do in Hawaii. It is a major undertaking but great fun. Before we eat we share a patriotic story and song then a prayer. After a famously large meal we spend the afternoon swimming, water skiing, playing games like Volleyball, Cornhole, Ladder Ball, cards, or just napping. Our mid-afternoon snack is a slice of ice cold watermelon. Last but not least is fireworks over the water. It is the perfect way to spend a summer holiday.

The last month of my summer usually revolves around attending a national writer’s conference in a far off city. These are always great fun because I see friends who I only get to visit with once a year. An extra treat is talking with and sometimes meeting for the first time my editors and seeing other medical authors. It is an exciting time for me.

My summers are full but I leave time in them to write and read. Both of which I do in abundance, often at the lake with my feet propped up on the deck rail looking off over the water.

What do you like to do during the warm months?

Susan Carlisle

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