Sparkling seasonal reads

Sparkling seasonal reads

We’ve got the perfect selection of Christmas books to get you feeling festive! Sit back, relax and let our lovely authors tell you about their seasonal reads…

Christmas At The Tycoon’s Command

Jennifer Hayward

I’m so excited to bring you my very first Christmas story for Mills & Boon Modern! Christmas is my very favourite time of year, with a special magic in the air and this story melted my heart. As did my gorgeous cover! Here’s a taste:

Chloe Russo is dreading her first Christmas running the family business after the loss of her parents shattered her world. Working with Nico Di Fiore, her father’s brilliant protégé, might just be the last straw. Tasked with saving her family legacy, Nico is also the man who brutally broke her heart. Chloe thought putting an ocean between them while she completed her studies would cure her of her susceptability to him, but as the snowflurries fly and the heat builds, she’s disconcerted to find nothing can protect her against Nico’s magnetic pull. Could it just be that the one man who shattered her into pieces will also be the one  to put her back together?

Christmas with Her Millionaire Boss

Barbara Wallace

When James Hammond first came to my head in all his Christmas-hating glory, I knew the best way to torture him would be to trap him in the perfect Christmas town.

Fryburg, the town where James and Noelle spend Thanksgiving, was inspired by the real life town of Frankenmuth, Michigan. Built in 1845 by German immigrants eager to create a slice of home, the town resembles a tiny Bavarian village, complete with gingerbread lattice and spires.

While Frankenmuth doesn’t celebrate the holiday all year the way Fryberg does, the town is home to America’s largest Christmas store. There’s also an annual Christkindlmarkt and a giant Santa Claus. Oh, and while the local restaurant may not serve gingerbread soup, you can get fresh baked Christmas cookies!

Personally, I think it sounds like an amazing place to visit. Check it out yourself at

Snowed In With The Reluctant Tycoon

 Nina Singh 

Justin Hammond is as equally disdainful of Christmas as his brother. They both grew up dreading the holiday as it was mostly a time of stress and strife in their family. So, I wanted to give him a story where he finally gets to experience some of the tradition and joy of the season.

A favorite tradition in our household is an annual Christmas cookie baking day. It doesn’t always go smoothly and the kitchen can get pretty messy. Like the year my son, a toddler at the time, decided to upend a whole bottle of food coloring into one of the mixing bowls. We ended up with a batch of very green cookies that Christmas! When Justin attempts to help bake in the story, something he’s never done before, he makes quite the mess himself!

Luckily, he eventually gets the hang of it. And he falls in love along the way.

Scandal At The Christmas Ball

Marguerite Kaye

In Scandal at the Christmas Ball, the Duke and Duchess of Brockmore have opened their home to guests who would otherwise spend Christmas alone. In my story, A Governess for Christmas, the hero and heroine are both exiled from society for following their conscience. Thanks to the seasonal generosity of their hosts, this unlikely couple discover the greatest Christmas gift of all – love.

Bronwyn Scott

Foremost, both stories in Scandal at the Christmas Ball are about generosity to those less fortunate, financially, socially and emotionally. Dancing with the Duke’s Heir, focuses on Vale and Viola who ‘have it all’ but have chosen to make themselves emotional exiles through very different means. Vale buries himself in research and studying others while Viola indulges in dangerous dares. Thrown together by circumstance, they slowly and bravely unwrap their true selves.

A Firefighter In Her Stocking

Janice Lynn

Christmas and firefighters…what could be more perfect for romance, right?  Unless you’re an author who’d never written a firefighter and was like, ‘EEK!’ at how to bring Jude Davenport to life in the way his above and beyond heroic work deserved.   Like my heroine, Sarah Grayson, says in A Firefighter in Her Stocking, Jude runs into burning buildings when everyone else is running out.

Worried, but determined to do him justice, I brainstormed how to breathe life into Jude and what resources I had to do so.  I live in a small Southern town and my nephew works for our local fire department.  Although I didn’t know any New York City firefighters, I did have a friend who put me in touch with a gentleman who was a wealth of information.  Talking to them, I began to get a feel for what Jude’s job might be like, what it would feel like wearing his gear, what sounds he would hear, what he would smell.   As I started writing, I fell in love with my playboy firefighter and knew my heroine was going to have no choice but to do the same.

As I think about future books, and life in general, I wonder how often we limit ourselves by not stepping outside our comfort zone.  Had I not been pushed; I’d have never written a firefighter story.  Although, it wasn’t something as courageous as say, jumping out of an airplane, it was outside my cozy, happy place.   Now, I’ll admit Jude is one of my all-time favorite heroes.


We hope you enjoy these sparkling seasonal reads and have a very Merry Christmas!