Sorting Out My Digital Life with the Mills & Boon App

Sorting Out My Digital Life with the Mills & Boon App

I’m one of those perfectionist types that thrives on organisation. Or I would be if I had the time. For now, every drawer in my flat is on the verge of exploding into a glittery cloud of eyeshadow, dry shampoo and crumpled cinema tickets.

My digital bits and bobs don’t fare much better. At work and at home, I’m a fan of the optimistically named “to sort” folder – the virtual equivalent of a bursting drawer. I have yet to sync my iPhone with my iTunes, which means I’m forced to listen to the same two songs every time it occurs to me to use my iPhone as audio entertainment. (Although now, of course, there’s that U2 album – cheers Bono…) I’m also about a year behind in my photo uploads. I pretend it’s delayed gratification, but in truth, the process of transferring photos from my camera to my laptop and then curating and editing them before uploading to Facebook, seems far too important (and time-consuming) to do right away

And yet, in those rare moments that I do “have the time” (like when I’m procrastinating on something else), I genuinely do enjoy sorting through the debris of my life. I’ve also been pleased to find that aspects of my digital life are gradually taking matters into their own hands. I love how Gmail sorts actual mail from promotions and social notifications. iPhoto automatically groups uploads so I don’t have to. And the Mills & Boon app keeps all my favourite romantic reads in one place, without me even trying – like a bookshelf that’s always perfectly organised, no matter how many books you buy or how many times you leave them lying around.

Now, if only someone could invent a self-organising drawer…

The Mills & Boon app is available for download. You can download from the App Store to use on iPhone / iPad and from Google Play to use on Android mobile / tablets. This app is your digital library in the palm of your hand! Easy to use for reading on mobile / tablet.