Sophia James talks about The Penniless Lords miniseries

Sophia James talks about The Penniless Lords miniseries

The Penniless Lords by Sophia James


The Penniless Lords, Marriage Made in… was a lovely series of books to write mainly because an earl with a decided lack of money makes an author think outside the square. Desperation requires strong decisions and the courage to follow them through even given all the chaos that might ensue.

Daniel, Gabriel, Lucien and Francis are friends who are all titled lords in varying stages of oncoming poverty (both in spirit and hard cold cash.)  It is Regency England where every man in Society is measured by his riches and marriages are made with a fixed eye on the wealth a suitor might offer.

Daniel Wylde, Earl of Montcliffe (Marriage Made in Money) must marry a fortune to save his debt-ridden estate even if that fortune is held by a plain girl from trade. Heiress Amethyst Cameron swore she would never again take a husband until her ill and beloved father insists on the union.

Gabriel Hughes, Earl of Wesley (Marriage Made in Shame) has been beaten down by his unique part in the war effort and is jaded and lonely. Adelaide Ashfield is a wealthy heiress forced by age and circumstance to make a choice of husband after spurning the advances of many of London’s most eligible bachelors.

Lucien Howard, Earl of Ross (Marriage Made in Rebellion) is a talented spy who is badly injured in the last battle of the First Peninsular Campaign. With an ancient and crumbling estate in England he must return to help his family but he can never forget the beautiful and mysterious Spanish woman, Alejandra, who rescued him.

When Francis St Cartmail, the dangerous Earl of Douglas (Marriage Made in Hope) jumps in to save a drowning woman from a river he feels a connection he has never known before.  Lady Sephora Connaught is ‘the angel of the ton’ and yet after her near-death experience her confined and measured world bursts into both vibrant life and worrying question.

I also have a novella due out in the Mills & Boon Christmas anthology 2016 Once Upon a Regency Christmas (Marriage Made at Christmas).  Christine Howard is almost twenty-seven and has given up any possibility of a husband. How then could she be attracted to a man who has no standing in Society, no family to speak of and one who barely seems to even like her?

Look out for Sophia James’s Marriage Made in Hope, on sale in June!
And if you haven’t already, catch up with the first three of The Penniless Lords, whose stories are already available!