Single? Why don’t you try moving to one of these cities?

Single? Why don’t you try moving to one of these cities?

If looking at your Facebook feed is like a slap in the face of your single status, have you ever considered it might not be you that’s the problem? Perhaps you’re just in the wrong place. Being young, free and single somewhere else for a change might turn things around. Buy a ticket to one of these top cities for singles and soon, you could be the one adding blissful kissy snaps to your photo streams in a real life Mills and Boon book cover shot (or just living a very different dream) 

Dubai, UAE 

With 70% expats compared to Emirate locals, thousands of 20 and 30-somethings from all over the world have moved to the sweaty desert lands of Dubai to start a new chapter in their career. Many have found love along the way, and where love has failed them, a five-star good time has been had anyway. In a place where hanging in posh hotels and living in serviced apartments is the norm, the hot, sunny, tax-free lifestyle is just an added bonus for singles looking for something different. Your chances of meeting not just a partner, but a wealthy partner (like Sheikh Nabil bin Rashid Al Sharifa in Destined For The Desert King) are probably higher here than most places. Don’t do the kissy photo thing in public though respect is required. 

Colorado Springs, USA 

Thinking of heading stateside? El Paso, San Antonio and Fort Worth in Texas, plus Louisville in Kentucky are all single people hubs in the U.S, although as a single soul you could do worse than shacking up in Colorado Springs. The outdoor lifestyle and Rocky Mountain backdrop means young, fit, energetic and oh-so-rugged individuals flock here and it’s also a base for the U.S. Olympic Committee as well as the U.S. Air Force Academy. According to researchers at Facebook Inc, Colorado Springs is the most romantic city in America. Thanks to strong religious and military communities, there’s a high relationship rate and you’re not too far from Denver if a bigger city starts to call you. If you want a Cowboy For Christmas, you’d better start looking now. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Two can tango all night in the world’s most passionate city, and with a cosmopolitan culture that doesn’t eat dinner till 11pm and likes to dance the night away every single night of the week, it’s no wonder that singles flock here to work and play. The service sector (which accounts for 76% of the economy) is based in Buenos Aires, as is the shipping industry, which is filled with highly-skilled technicians, engineers and navigators, so a successful, educated single person would do well in finding a match here. Argentina is an ever-changing country with a schizophrenic political system, but the vibrancy of its people and a passion for red meat, wine and simply having a good time means there’s no shortage of things to do, either. Meeting people is easy, and so is learning Spanish. You never know which hottie might be enrolling in the same class.  


As the minaret of the Koutoubia Mosque stands tall in the background, you could be strolling through spicy-smelling side streets in search of silver or wooden trinkets with a dark-haired, dark-eyed stranger. It might seem a little off the wall, but Marrakech has the exotic charm an adventurer craves, plus days of endless sunshine, great food and friendly locals willing to take you under their wing. An ever-growing tourism market in this busy city means there are jobs around if you look hard enough, and your foreign lover awaits to make unemployment a dream, while it lasts. 

Do you know of a city where it pays to be single? Let us know where you’d head if you had the chance! And meanwhile, there’s plenty of location inspiration in our brand new releases.

By Becky Wicks