Sharon Kendrick answers the questions we all want to know

Sharon Kendrick answers the questions we all want to know

To celebrate the launch of our new blog, our wonderful author Sharon Kendrick answers the questions we’re all desperate to know!
What inspires your book ideas?

Films (especially films with subtitles) always provide bags of inspiration.  I also value overheard conversations (I’m always listening if ever I’m on the train or at an airport!).  But an idea can come from something as simple as a glance between two people, or the tension on someone’s face. Inspiration is everywhere if you look for it.

Is there an idea out there that you wish you’d thought of?

I used to write diary accounts of my (then) chaotic life to a well-known agent who was a friend.  He said, “you really should get these down as a book”.  Naturally, I dithered and soon after that a certain Bridget Jones came along…

What do you do when you get stuck?

I talk to my brilliant editor, or a writing friend who understands and can help throw some perspective on whatever is winding me up into a frenzy.  It’s easy to see a problem from a distance (i.e. if it belongs to someone else!) – but not so easy when it’s your own.

What’s a favorite moment from your writing career?

I was hugely flattered when my publisher asked me to speak at a conference on How to Write a Bestseller, not realizing that it was to be held in a prime London venue in front of 350 people and that I would be speaking right after a Cabinet Minister who had just written her first novel.  Quaking, I waited until the applause for the departing Minister had died down and then I said: “politicians have always done very well out of fiction”. The audience laughed like mad and after that it was all plain sailing!

What’s next in store for your readers?

My next release is a book I’m very excited about, called The Pregnant Kavakos Bride. It’s a story about an arrogant alpha billionaire called Ariston Kavakos. Readers really love hunky Greek heroes and so do I!

Billionaire Ariston is prejudiced and suspicious when flat-broke blonde Keely Turner enters his life for a second time.  Keely has history – she once flung herself at Ariston when she was very young – plus she’s the daughter of a notorious gold-digger and Ariston thinks Keely is exactly the same.

In order to prevent her from getting her hooks into his younger brother, there is one easy solution…Ariston will just have to bed the luscious Keely himself!

The Pregnant Kavakos Bride is a story about two very different people who come from two very different worlds. A story of how hardships can be endured and overcome, and how love can conquer all.


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Happy reading!

Love Sharon xx
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