Scarlet Wilson and her sneaky Christmas secrets

We love knowing what our lovely authors get up to when they’re not scribbling books, and here’s Scarlet Wilson to tell us what she’s doing this Christmas:

“This Christmas I will mostly be… hiding all the extra Christmas decorations I have bought from my family. I can’t help it. It’s like a disease. Every time I come down to London in September for the Mills and Boon author lunch, I get off the tube and head straight to Harrods and Fortnum and Mason. Why? Because even though it’s September they have their Christmas decorations out already and I can’t resist them. I am drawn like a magnet to garden centres swamped with decorations. You name it, I have it, from the singing crib, to the mantlepiece ornament with four Christmas stockings with all our family names on them, to the Christmas tree ornament that lights up each coloured light individually.

Every time I put one out I see the raise of eyebrows in the corner of the room.  “Where did that come from?” is the question.  I have the answer down to a fine art.  “What?” (casual sweep of the hair like any good heroine) “We’ve had for FOREVER. Don’t you remember you commented on it last year?”

There’s always a loud sigh.  There’s always some rolling of eyes from my other half and my two sons. But I’m immune. And anyway, I’ve spotted something else.  A multi-coloured light up partridge in a pear tree in the window of the garden centre I drove past yesterday… Now, how to get it home?”

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