Regency Rake vs Rugged Highlander

Regency Rake vs Rugged Highlander

Regency Rake vs Rugged Highlander!


In Mills & Boon Historical, we publish stories across a wide range of historical periods – from ancient civilisations up to and including the Second World War. So, no matter what kind of historical hero gets your pulse racing, there’s something for everyone!

This month, two of our most popular heroes – the Regency Rake and the rugged Highlander – are going head to head, in a bid to see who can win the most hearts! So, who’s your favourite? Leave us a comment below when you’ve decided! Here are some questions to get you started…


What’s his fighting ability like?

Regency rake: You’re more likely to find him in the gambling dens of London than a battlefield, but if pistols at dawn are ever required, you have absolutely no doubt he’ll come out on top.

Rugged Highlander: He spends his time fighting for his clan in the mountains so he’s an excellent fighter. But, even though he’s a fearsome warrior, you know he has a heart of gold underneath!


How’s his bank account looking?

Regency rake: A member of the aristocracy, he likes the finer things in life, and is happy to spoil the women he spends time with too J.

Rugged Highlander: Middling to good. Kind of depends on the latest raid!


What about sex appeal?

Regency rake: There’s a reason women of the ton fall over themselves to share a dance with this bachelor. He’s got charisma, charm and a sensual smile to capture any woman’s attention!

Rugged Highlander: He’s got a glint in his eye that keeps you guessing. And just imagine what’s underneath that kilt…enough said!


What’s he like in the bedroom?

Regency rake: He’ll charm the pants off you – literally! And you’ll certainly be in for a wild ride!

Rugged Highlander: This is what Highlanders do best. Relinquish control and enjoy it!


Does he have a good sense of etiquette?

Regency rake: He’s spent his life around lords and ladies and knows exactly how to behave – whether he’ll follow the rules with you though is another matter entirely…

Rugged Highlander: His gorgeous accent makes up for his somewhat rugged manners. And who cares about etiquette when he’s whisking you away to his lair!


Where will he take you on holiday?

Regency rake: The Grand Tour is on everyone’s wish lists! Prepare yourself for Paris, Venice, Rome, and the most delicious travel companion you could ever wish for!

Rugged Highlander: He has his own castle, so who needs to go abroad? If the scenery gets a bit boring, he could always invade the neighbouring glen…


How will he propose?

Regency rake: He’s always been determined never to settle down, so when he goes back on his vow, you know he’ll do it in style. Expect fireworks!

Rugged Highlander: This man isn’t used to asking politely. He’s more likely to throw you over his shoulder and take you straight down the aisle!


So, which hero appeals to you most?


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