Rebecca Winters on The Magnate’s Holiday Proposal

Rebecca Winters on The Magnate’s Holiday Proposal

The Magnate’s Holiday Proposal

Let’s agree that Christmas is such an exciting season of the year, our hearts turn to all the children who are living in anticipation of that magical time.  Since I’m a child at heart, I’m just as excited as any little girl or boy waiting and visualizing the wonders that are coming.  For some children, it could be the most important event in their young lives.

Take Dino Berettini, a seven-year-old boy who lost his mother and is facing a brain operation.  He’s afraid to have it because she won’t be there with him.  He also carries a terrible heartache because his father has been so sad since her death and he wants his daddy to be happy again.

It’s a month before Christmas in Northeastern Italy and these worries are too much for this adorable son of a former gold medal Olympic alpine skier Luca Berettini who is now CEO of Berettini Plastics, a billion-dollar conglomerate.  While Dino is home with a headache, he watches a program on television that helps make a child’s wish come true.  This is Dino’s favourite show and he watches it whenever he can.  Who could blame him?

When he asks his grandmother if she’ll mail the letter he has written to the program, something remarkable happens.  A lovely young woman named Gabi Parisi comes to the house and brings him a present from the foundation represented on TV.  Dino’s father learns about the visit and investigates what is going on.

The rest is for you the reader to read about and enjoy.  Many little miracles happen in this book because it’s Christmas and you learn that a child’s wish coming from a pure heart can come true.

Christmas Memories

I remember a Christmas growing up when my parents talked with my siblings (five of them) and me.  At church, they heard about a family in need and asked us how we would feel if we spent the money on a family that needed presents because the father was out of work.  It meant we wouldn’t be getting any presents that Christmas.  We all agreed to go along with it though I’m sure it was difficult.  I remember us buying gifts for the large family.  Mother cooked a Christmas dinner and on Christmas Eve we drove in our car to this family’s house with a pine tree too.

A teenage boy answered the door and we cried out “Merry Christmas.”  The boy didn’t say a word as dad and mom carried everything to the front porch.  We drove away never knowing how that family really felt.  It didn’t matter except now that I’m older, I’m sure it was difficult for that boy to accept help. That’s probably why he couldn’t say anything.   But I bet the younger children were thrilled to receive some gifts.  The point is, my parents wanted to try and make a difference.  I loved them for that, and it helped me see the goodness of their hearts.

When you read The Magnate’s Holiday Proposal, I hope a little of the Christmas spirit will seep into your heart as we celebrate the birth of the Saviour.


Rebecca Winters